Three Crones and the Woo Woo

August is the month of magic and infinity energy, where anything is possible. On Tuesday, August 4th, which is our first Full Moon that is not a “super moon” or “lunar/solar eclipse”. This moon holds its hold Powerful energy.

I always like to bring numerology into every situation, after all, we’re surrounded by numbers. Today’s Full Moon is in Aquarius (11th house) – the house of teams, friendships, groups, video, technology, media, networking, sudden events, surprises and social justice. Our Full Moon falls on 8+4+2+0+2+0= 16/7, today’s energy gives you the opportunity to connect with partners, brainstorm, visualize and build a new foundation surrounded by harmony and balance with unlimited choices.

In numerology the:

“8” holds the vibration of harmony, balance, infinity and money

“4” holds the vibration of building a new foundation, balance, stability, working on

“2” holds the vibration of partnerships, friendships, contracts, coming together, teams, groups

“0” holds the vibration of potential, choices

“1” holds the vibration of leader, new beginnings, independent,

“7” holds the vibration of go within, meditation, evaluate, visualize, introvert

This Full Moon’s energy inspired Gayle Nicholson, Host of Summer Spotlight 2020 to invited Krista Ducharme and Joanne Angel BarryColon to be guest on her show, for the three of us to share a chapter from our collaborating book, Leave Your Baggage At The Door, which is in the very beginning stages of being born. Click on the video to hear what we share about our next chapter, The Full Moon in Aquarius. To pre-order your copy email

The Cosmic Focus For August

Everyone keeps wondering when the Pamdemic will be over and things return back to “normal”.

As we move into August, the truth be told, going backwards would be considered regressive for our Spiritual Journey.

Since March 2020, many have experienced a rapid enlightenment into a Spiritual Awakening.

Now, that we’re living in a 5 Dementional Energy, it’s about Upping our Care and helping others to heal, tranaform and move into their Evolution.

August holds the frequency of harmony and balance, now is the time to align to one’s higher Purpose. As many doors have closed since the pandemic, the Cosmo is now showing you the way.

With Meditation and Chakra Alignment, you will have the help of Mother Earth, Higher Self, Soul Star and Divine Gateway to guide you to your Soul Purpose as you move forward in the coming months of 2020 and preparing for massive changes and shifts in 2021.

I invite you to join us every night Monday – Thursday at 11:11pm EST for 11 minute Meditation & One Card Pull via Zoom.

As we meditate at the 11:11 hour, the portal is open and the vail between the physical and spiritual is thin, making it easier to connect to the Soul Star and Divine Gateway helping us to obtain knowledge of all our Soul Contacts we have made in our many incarnation. The Soul Star opens when one is ready to face who and what they really are.

To sign -up for 11:11 pm EST 11 min Meditation & One Card Pull 6 -month membership for $88 submit payment to

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The Power of “8”

Did you know that the word August vibrates at an “8” energy?

Every letter has its own frequency and when you add all the letters up based on their number’s, it will carry a vibtation. Interesting enough, August is the eighth month.

August like no other month is a very powerful month, spiritually speaking, when you turn the “8” on it side, you now have the Infinity sign, where anything is possible.

Every year carries a different Collective Energy and Personsal Energy, for example, I will use my birthdate 3+4+2+0+2+0= 11/2 , 2 is my Personal Energy for 2020. The Collective Energy is 2020 (4).

Now, every month carries it’s own Personal Energy too, I will use my birthdate again, 3+4+2+0+2+0+8=19/1

What does August have instore for YOU?

One: August brings new ideas and opportunities. A time to be a leader, perhaps starting your our business.

Two: August is a time for contacts, commitments, partnerships. Professionally and personally.

Three: August helps you create balance and harmony with communication and brings out the teacher in you

Four: August brings balance into your foundation as you begin to see all sides.

Five: August brings in unlimited possibilities as you change things.

Six: August is the gateway to healing, as the vail is thin between the physical and spiritual.

Seven: August gives you the ability to have more harmony from within.

Eight: August gives you the power to know anything is possible. You have the magic to make anything happen

Nine: August helps you declutter what no longer brings harmony and transforms you into Infinity possibilities.

When you combine your Personal Energy and your Monthly Energy you will begin to understand how magnificent and magical your life really is.

Are you interested in learning how you can transform 2020 to be powerful that 2021 is an abundant year for YOU. Reserve a Cosmic Energy Soul Reading, email for more information.

Lion’s Gate 8/8

Photo Credit: Donna C Barry

July has been a challenge for many as July holds the vibration of “7”, the seeker, introvert, logic, overthinking, and sitting quietly to go within. A time for meditation to gain insight, wisdom and clarity.

Many have chosen to result back to old patterns due to the influence of Chiron Retrograde – The energy of “The Wounded Healer”.

As we move into August, we vibrate at an “8” energy, which is about abundance, harmony, balance, money, wealth and Infinity.

With the help of the Lion’s Gate 8/8, this increases the Cosmic Energy flow between the physical and spiritual realm. This helps us to connect with our spirit guides and angels for support, inner wisdom, strength and power, which helps move us into our greatness and attract and receive abundance of wealth, health, love and freedom.

The 8/8 energy is a portal to go within to gain insight, wisdom and clarity to connect with the light within to help see the “bigger picture” and become awaken to our Evolution and Transformation that we are collectively and individually experiencing.

As we move into the “8” vibration, this aligns us to our eighth Chakra, known as the Soul Star Chakra, this connects us to divine love, spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness. This Chakra is believed to have no color, yet we see it as white. The Soul Star Chakra is located about one foot above the head and helps us connect to Karmic Energy.

As we add the collective energy from 2020 (4) into the “8” energy (8+4=12/3), The collectively energy for August is, Creating, teaching and Communicating about building a new foundation that supports abundance and harmony. By applying the energy of the Lion’s Gate, anything is possible.

I invite you to connect with Mother Earth and Higherself to find the balance within to connect physically and spiritually as you move forward.

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I am Rev Joanne Angel BarryColon, your Certified Personal Trainer, Intuitive Healer and Cosmic Energy Reader, I help clients Release Issues From their Tissues with Movement, Nutrition and Meditation.

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Watch “Ella Pahophin testimony” on YouTube

On Friday, July 24, 2020 Ella Pahopin and I had a conversation about her workouts and reiki experiences.

Ella has been a client of mine for 5 years and counting. Ella lives in Staten Island and workouts 5 days a week, most sessions at 8 am. She traveled an hour to sometimes two hours for her workouts.

Ella’s goals were no different then any other client, she wanted to Release Weight. After about a month into her workout prescription, when Ella would come for her workout’s, she would often be anxious and even angry. I offered her a Reiki Session to see what was below the surface. At this point, I started discovering the Issues in her Tissues.

For Ella, the issues did not show up as physical pain like most clients, her issues shown up as anxiety, constipation and anger.

This is what Ella had to say about her experience with me as we worked in Releasing the Issues From the Tissues with Movement, Nutrition and Meditation.

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Welcome to Friday Intuition Card Reveal. Every Thursday night after 5 pm EST, I post a spread of cards known as “Friday Intuition” to help you gain clarity on that ONE question that will help you move forward. There can be 3 to 5 cards in the spread. Choose one card and leave in comments.

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Watch “SUCCESS 11:11 Meditation with Rev. Joanne Angel Barry Colon 072320” on YouTube

I love when our meditations flow from one day to the next. On Wednesday, July 22nd, we meditated on Financial Abundance and tonight on Thursday, July 23rd our one card pull was about Success.

What does “Success” mean for you?

When were your most successful moments?

Who do you know that models ” Success”?

What would you like to achieve in 2021 to see yourself successful?

Tonight’s One Card Pull focused on the Solar Plexus and the number 8.

The “8” carries the vibration of abundance, infinity, balance and harmony.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the belly, associated with the color yellow.

When your Solar Plexus is flowing you feel worthy, secure and abundant.

When your Solar Plexus is unbalanced or blocked you may feel limitations, not worthy, stuck and even constipated.

Please leave comments and questions. To receive a 20 minute Discovery Session please email

Watch “11:11 Meditation – Financial Abundance” on YouTube

Did you know that you are the “Creator” of your Abundance and you can attract as much money as you desire or block your self from attracting money?

What is your relationship with money?

How does it make you feel when you talk about money?

What dollar amount would you desire to create your career?

How would you spend that dollar amount?

Leave comments and questions at

Unity and Diversity

What does Unity and Diversity mean to me?

The more I work on my Spiritual Journey and the higher my vibration is, the more I realize how as the collective, we are all very much alike, in regards to our beliefs, habits and patterns.

We are all looking for the same things (freedom, love, happiness, wealth, health, peace, etc), however, we get caught up in our “egos” which then creates a invisible line of separation.

For me, as I work on becoming a better version. Of myself, I then see everyone as a better version of themselves, which allows me to see each person’s strengths, this helps me to be more compassionate and understanding to each person’s habits, beliefs and patterns, bringing us back to Unity.

For me, diversity gives me permission to show up as “myself”, no mask, no pretending. I do not have a need to act differently around different people. What you see, is what you get. I am who I am.

Diversity, is not only the color of one’s skin or what language one speaks or where you came from. It’s who one is on a “Soul” level.

Diversity, gives me the opportunity to be the Spiritual Being I am and allowing myself to be authentic and shine my light as I am meant to.

We live in a world of Diversity and Unity, we all get to stand out, be seen and shine our light, while coming together to support one another in this moment of “LIFE”, Living In Freedom Everyday.

We’re in this together and helping one another be the shining light in Unity and Diversity.