Life Challenges

I shared this in a private post today, thought I share here.

We all experience days that are challenging, but not all of us are honest with our selves to admit it. I had a conversation with God today, I pointed out all the things that were challenging me and asked him to shine the light on my path to walk, I asked him to show me Sunflowers leading the way.
Some of my challenges:
God reminded me that the very things that are challenging me are the lessons I need to learn. With each person we encounter come lessons. Understand that every person is a reflection of ourselves. Whatever the experience is, this may be a hard pill to take down when the experience consist of (rape, abuse, abandonment, etc). The belief is, a person who experiences something this intense has a “higher calling”.
Its important and necessary to feel you “feeling” and even more important to understand what they are connected to and work on healing the “issue”, when you look at the bigger picture, that’s what its all about.

The Planets

Do YOU understand “How” our planets impact our emotions and energy?
This year (2020), we have experienced all of our Planets in Retrograde, when a planet goes Retrograde, the energy of that planet slows down. We currently have 6 Planets in Retrograde:
Pluto – Capricorn ♑
Mars – Aries ♈
Saturn – Capricorn ♑
Neptune – Pisces ♓
Uranus – Taurus ♉
Chiron – Aries ♈
Where these planet sit in on your Astrological Chart will determine what you’re lessons may be.
Do you know your Rising, Moon, Sun signs? Go to for personal chart

Every number has power

Do you know about Numerology and do you understand it?
Do you know what your Personal Energy is for this year (2020)
Take the month you’re born in and date your born on add them up with the year. March 4, 2020
3+4+2+0+2+0=11 (2)
What each number’s theme is:
1 – new beginning
2 – partnerships
3 – communication
4 – new foundation
5 – change
6 – healing
7 – reflecting
8 – balance
9 – completion
This has helped me understand who I AM on a Soul Level. Once you get to know yourself on a Soul Level, you may begin to understand your JOURNEY.
We will all experience days when we feel on time of the MOON and days when we want to hide UNDER our covers. Know that you’re not alone and have many TOOLS to help you Navigate through the challenges. When you have days when you can not Navigate, know, I AM here for you. All you need to do is reach for my hand, I Will PULL you UP. Love and Light.

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Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto- Direct

Get ready to grow.

Jupiter goes Direct today. Get ready for your Spiritual Growth.
Jupiter has been Retrograded since May 14th and today goes Direct.

Jupiter is the planet of Expansion and Spiritual Growth. Over the last 4 months unconsciously you have been preparing for your expansion, your spirit has been evolving and your frequency has been rising.
Some patterns, habits and beliefs may change due to your spiritual growth. New people, places, ideas, opportunities and possibilities may show up. When the Phone or Door Bell Rings be READY to Answer. Every opportunity is a YES opportunity.
Who you were back in May is not who you are NOW. You have grown, expanded into a higher frequency.
Over the last 4 months you have received Downloads of knowledge, Wisdom and Spiritual Gifts. It’s time to step into your Power and Purpose.
What do you SEE?
What do you HEAR?
What do you FEEL?
Who are you connecting with that have CROSSED OVER?
The more you connect with your Higherself the stronger your POWER and PURPOSE will become.

Karmic Completion

As Saturn goes Direct on September 29th, Karmic Cycles will end. During this cycle you may notice people, places and things may change, end and transform. What you used to do day to day will no longer be. Belief habits and patterns will shift.

Transformation & Death

On October 4, 2020 Pluto will go Direct and over the next 3-weeks you may begin to see yourself differently and you may also notice many things ending or changing such as jobs, relationships and health. You have transitioned from the cocoon, callipiller and transform into a beautiful butterfly 🦋 . Your vibration is at a higher frequency and ready to serve your PURPOSE.

As you’re ready to serve your PURPOSE, i invite you to Ground yourself by going into nature.

At anytime you feel uneasy, know that you’re always being supported by Mother Earth 🌎, You’re never alone.

Enjoy the New Version of Yourself and know and trust there is so much more to come as Uranus, Neptune, Mars and Chiron go Direct.

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Master Numbers

The Portal Is Open

Did you know that numbers that repeat are known as “Master Numbers” and carry a high vibration, along with a powerful message that aligns with your “Purpose”.

There are two questions to ask yourself when you see Master Numbers:

1. What comes to mind when you see this number?

2. What were you thinking when this number shown up?

Know that, that number is giving you the clarity you’re seeking.

Numbers that show up as Master Numbers

In Numerology every number has a specific theme and vibration and when it shows up as a ” Master Number”, the vibration has a higher frequency.

What these numbers mean for me, may not mean the same for you. What comes to mind when you see these numbers.

It’s not necessary to know the theme of each number, this is where your “intuition” comes in. Give the following numbers a try:

“33” I am healing myself and creating new partnerships
“11” I am creating a new foundation with partnerships
“22” As I have faith I heal and stand as a leader in my partership

Know that anytime you see a “Master Number” the portal is open and the vail between the phyiscal and spiritual realm is thin, making it easier to connect with your higher self, spirit guides, angels and love ones.

I would love to hear what numbers you see and how numbers resonate with you. Leave comments, questions and to redeem $10 off your Cosmic Energy Soul Reading email

ReCharge – 3 Planetary Changes, Season Change & Astrological Sign Change

Aries ♈ & Capricorn ♑

As we move into September, we are in for many changes, from planets to seasons and transformations.

September is a “9” energy month, which means, let go, declutter, transition and transform.

This month we have four Master Number dates, three of those dates are “22” days.

September 9, 2020. 9+9+2+0+2+0=22

Let’s start with September 9, 2020, (9+9+2+0+2+0= 22),This energy has two 9s, which creates a high frequency energy for letting go, declutrering and trsnsforming and with the energy from the total date, it carries a “22” Master Number, possess a higher vibration to build a new foundation while creating balance and stability.

The next date is September 11, 2020 (9+1+1+2+0+2+0=6), this date has an “11” Master Number, the highest frequency of New Beginnings.

September 18, 2020 (9+1+8+2+0+2+0=22), is a 22 day, transitioning into a New Foundation at the highest frequency that some may not be able to accomplish.

September 22, 2020 (9+2+2+2+0+2+0=17/8), another 22 day, this date is made up of 4 twos, which is about partnerships, relationships, friendships at a higher level, transforming into balance, harmony and Infinity.

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

September is a high energy month not only because of the “9” energy vibration, their will be 7 Planetary Retrogrades at once from 9/9 – 9/12, which will make this week a high packed transformational week for everyone. Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron are in Retrograde and on September 9th, Mars will join them. Mars is the planet of war, anger, short temper and will be stationed in Aries ♈, which is a fire sign of action, get things done.

Having 7 Planetary Retrogrades for 3 days may create alot of uneasiness and distractions. I invite you to breath, rest, exercise, meditate, eat healthy and ground yourself during this transit and you will experience a beautiful transformation.

The energy will lighten up a bit on September 12th when Jupiter goes Direct. You may begin to notice your career expanding and beautiful gifts coming in to your relationships.

On September 22, our seasons change from Summer to Fall and we move out of Virgo and into Libra ♎ energy – 7th house.

As we come to September 29th Saturn will go Direct, leaving us with only 5 Planetary Retrogrades, you may feel the energy getting lighter.

I invite you to use the month of September to let go and transform into the best version of YOU. By going within and Soul Seraching you will begin to understand the “Bigger Purpose” to 2020’s (4) Collective Energy of a new foundation for self and the world and truly appreciate all you uncovered during this “crazy” energy of Covid19 – Pamdemic. This is the year for a New Foundation, Balance and Stability.

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Mercury Moves Into Virgo

Mercury the planet of communication, travel, schedules and technology has entered its home sign of Virgo on September 2, 2020.

September 2, 2020 holds the vibration of 6, the healer and healing (9+2+2+0+2+0=15/6)

What will you heal during this transition?

This transition may impact your life in many different ways.

Mercury will stay in Virgo until September 22, 2020.

September 22, 2020 holds the vibration of 8, abundance, balance, harmony, Infinity (9+2+2+2+0+2+0=17/8

How will this transition bring more harmony, balance and abundance into your life?

Virgo is an Earth Sign, known to be very critical and focused on details. All the Earth Signs, Taurus ♉, Virgo ♍ and Capricorn ♑ will enjoy this energy. While Gemini ♊, Sagittarius ♐ and Pisces ♓ may struggle a bit.

The three signs that need to be extra careful during this phase are:

Aries ♈: Be extra careful with your health, you will need to focus on exercising regularly and eating healthy. You may also experience skin issues.

Libra ♎: Mercury will be in your 12th house of Libra, all about expenses. You may find it hard to concentrate and make decisions. It’s important to relax and meditate for peace and well-being.

Scorpio ♏: You may benefit from the movement of the planet professionally. Work will be busy. Your health is highlighted and needs your attention, eat on time, sleep on time. It’s important to take breaks and relax throughout the day.

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Spiritual Whispers

What New Door Will You Unlock?

What if someone told you to listen for the whispers anytime you had a question or needed clarity?

Did you know your loves ones are always listening, the ones that have crossed over I am speaking about. You now have a special connection with them. Unlike Archangel, Spirit Guides and Faries who need permission to give you guidance, your loves ones can offer you guidance without you asking for it.

Now it’s up to you to receive there guidance by being aware, awaken and open to their messages and insight.

For me, the easiest way to gain access to your love ones insight and all your other spirit guides is through Chakra Balance Meditation. By connecting with your Chakras you will open the energy between the physical and spiritual realm, which gives you access to the clarity you’re seeking.

When I am searching for guidance and clarity, I always call on higher power, angels, spirit guides, faries and love ones, especially my mom. I start off by saying ” Higher Power, Angels, Spirit Guides, Faris and mom, I am looking for guidance and confirmation on the following (I am very specific with what I am asking for) then, I ask them to show me a “sign”. I have three tools that I use as my “signs”, numbers, colors and image. I only use one tool per question. I also pull one card first thing in the morning from my Chakra Balance Numerology Cosmic Energy Forecast Deck, this helps me to connect with one Chakra, affirmation and a number, which provides a hidden message.

Balance reminds me to stay connected with the physical and spiritual world

The number below is one of my “signs” and carries a very powerful message, 2468, everything is in perfect order, these numbers represent my mother’s and father -inlaw’s birthday, the initials JAB represent my full birth name Joanne Angel Barry.

2+4+6+8=2 partnerships

Your guidance shows up in many ways, it’s up to you to be ready to receive. Spirit Communication is powerful and fun. Are you open to hear the “Spiritual Whispers?

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Mars Retrograde = Moody

Are You Feeling Moody?

Have you felt as though you have been turned upside-down and not sure which way is up? Six planets in retrograde can definitely make you feel this way.

Do you feel as though you need to schedule an extra healing treatment , wear extra crystals to ground your energy or feeling moody and uneasy, you’re not alone. You can thank planet Mars for this as he begins to slow down and join the other six planets in retrograde, as Mars will retrograde on September 9, 2020 and go direct on November 13, 2020.

Mars is the planet of war, anger, frustration and may impact your sex life and career. Mars will be in Aries ♈ (Aries is ruled by Mars), which is associated with first house – first impression, leadership, appearance, fresh starts and new beginnings.

Depending on where Mars is placed on your Astrological Chart will determine what energy will be highlighted. I would also like for you to be mindful the other planets in retrograde impact this as well. Anytime planets go retrograde, it’s a time to reflect not react.

During Mars retrograde, I invite you to check in on your Chakras (energy system) and ground yourself while connecting your energy to the energy you wish to attract.

Did you know that when your energy vibration is high, people with low energy vibrations may feel uneasy around you, which may create uneasy experiences such as arguments, fights and unforeseen incidences, similar to the incident I experienced in the video.

8+2+6+2+0+2+0= 11 Master Number

As mentioned, August 26, 2020 adds up to 11, in Numerology any number that is a double digit is called a “Master Number”. This energy creates the veil between the physical and spiritual energy realm to be thin, making the energy easier to connect with spirit.

Please be mindfulness that not everyone is spiritually awakening, therefore, it is important to protect your energy field and ground yourself to prevent unforseen energies into your aura.

I have created a Guided Visual Meditation to help you ground, protect your aura and align high frequency energy in and out to attract high paying clients, healthy relationships, partnerships and friendships and more.

Ground and High Frequency Alignment

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September/Virgo ♍

What’s Instore For You In Septrmber?

I love blending Numerology and Astrology together, I believe both modalities combined brings such amazing insight into our lives. I am a Student of Astrology and a Master at Numerology.

September is the 9th month and carries the vibration of letting go, decluttering, karmic completion, death, transformation and transition.

Each month carries its own personal theme. The theme of the month is based on the current year (2020) and month (9) added to your birthday. Add the month and day of your birthday to the current year, this represents your personal year for 2020.

I will use my birthday as an example, March 4, use this formula to find your personal year for 2020


2 is my personal year for 2020

Now, that you found the sum of your personal year, add “9” for September, so, my birthday is March 4, here is the formula, add 9 for Seotember to find your personsal energy for September


2 is my personal energy for September

What is your personal month theme for September?

One: Rebirth, New Beginnings, Independent

What will you let go of to be reborn?

Two: Partnerships, Contracts, Marriage (Business, Personal)

How will your partnership transform this month?

Three: Communication, Creator, Teacher, Learning, Creativity

How will you transition to communicate and use your creativity for your higher purpose?

Four: Balance, harmony, stability, Hard Worker, New Foundation

How are you transforming to build a new foundation?

Five: Change, Freedom, Unpredictability

What will you release for change and freedom?

Six: Healing, Healer, Caretaker

As the wounded healer, how will you transform?

Seven: Meditation, Introvert, Go Within, Evaluate

How will you evolve and transition when going within?

Eight: Abundance, Harmony, Balance, Infinity

How do you let go to have harmony and balance?

Nine: Declutter, Let Go, Transformation, Evolve, Transition

What will you release during your transformation?

Virgo ♍ is associated with the 6th house – organization, schedules, routine, fitness, and eating healthy. As you bring these two modalities together, you may find yourself letting go of old patterns, habits and beliefs, reevaluating your schedule, organizing your home, office or files and maybe even looking for more structure in your life.

What house is Virgo ♍ associated with on your chart?

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Knee Chakra

Our Knees are one of the largest joints in our body, they give us the flexibility to move between upper and lower leg. Without knee mobility, you wouldn’t beable to walk, run, jump, leap, bend and climb.

The knee Chakra sits behind a vortex of energy, which gives you the ability to bend, flex and choose direction and speed. Your knee Chakra works along side the Root Chakra and serves to help you in the Physical world.

Each knee gives you insight on different things, such as, the left knee is about your spiritual path, where your right knee is about your physical path. Your knees can tell you alot about yourself, when you pay attention.

Metaphysically, the knees represent how flexible you are with situations relating to self and others. When you experience knee discomfort from the front of your knee, that may have to do with a situation that is occurring in the present. When your experiencing knee discomfort from behind the knee that may have to do with something from the past.

Right and left knee has different insight.

The left knee, the life side is associated with feminine energy and is influenced by the right side of the brain, which is your intuitive, feminine and imagination. The right sphere of the brain concentrates on the aspects of your personality that is closely aligned to your spiritual dimension.

Your left knee leads you to your spiritual path. When there is discomfort in the left knee, that may be a sign that you could be ignoring your spiritual call or not trusting your spiritual path.

This may mean that you are afraid of what may need to change once you step into your spiritual path and or how others will look at you.

Once you are aligned to this insight, you can place your left hand over your left knee, close you eyes and ask your knee what it can tell you about your spiritual path. Once you have received guidance, say “thank you ” and do your best to honor your spiritual path.

Your Right Knee, right side is associated with masculine energy and is influenced by the left side of the brain, which is logical, masculine and intellectual. The right side of your body is aligned with the physical dimension. Your right knee is responsible to lead you toward your physical path. Healers believe that any issues with the right knee may represent a lack of trust in one’s spiritual path and intuitive abilities.

You can speak with your right knee by placing your left hand (your spiritual hand) over the right knee, close your eyes and ask, “what can it tell me about your Physical Path”, say “thank you” and do your best to honor the guidance you received.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, I believe moving and strengthening your body helps to maintain mobility and decrease injuries. Click on the video below to learn 5 exercises that will help strengthen your knees and decrease injuries

5 exercises to strengthen knees

As a Reiki Master, I also recommend weekly Chakra Balance Reiki Treatments to help keep the chi flowing. To book a Chakra Balance Reiki Treatment email or go to for additional services.

Uranus Goes Retrograde

Get ready to Shake, Rock and Roll as Uranus goes Retrograde on August 15th – January 14, 2021. This Retrograde will be in ♉ Taurus (2nd house) related to immediate material and physical environment, also rules income, money, and self-esteem.

What house does ♉ Taurus sit in on your Natal Chart? Go to to download your chart.

Uranus is the planet of “total transformation”, how YOU see yourself, how YOU would like to be seen. During this Retrograde you may find yourself “overthinking” about who you are? Why you’re here on earth? How are you serving your community and the world?

This Retrograde may shake you from your core, pull you out from under a rock and help you roll the red carpet out to be the best version of yourself and shine your light.

I like to blend Astrology with Numerology, as I believe this provides a deeper insight and enlightment.

When you think about Numerology, everyone has a personal energy for each year, this number changes every year. This number comes from your birthdate (not including the year your born) and the current year (2020) for example, my birthdate is March 4, 3+4+2+0+2+0= 11/2, my birhdate carries a 2 vibration. I will explain what this means below:

In Numerology every number is taken down to a single digit except for Master Numbers (We’ll get into another time) Numbers go from 1 to 9

One : New Beginnings, Leader, Independent

Two : Partnership, Contracts, Marriage, Relationships, Career / Personal

Three : Communication, Creator, Teacher

Four : Balance, New Foundation, Stability, Hard Worker

Five : Change, Freedom, Unpredictability

Six : Healing, Healer, Caretaker

Seven : Go Within, Meditation, Introvert, Isolation

Eight : Harmony, Balance, Infinity

Nine : Declutter, Let Go, Transformation, Breakthrough, Awakening

Once you know your Personsal Energy for this year, you may have a better understanding to what is being highlighted during this Uranus Retrograde.

Do note as of date their are 6 planets in Retrograde:

Pluto – death & transformation

Saturn – beliefs, habits, karma energy, boundaries

Jupiter – expansion, abundance, spiritual growth, gifts

Neptune – Spiritual awakening

Chiron – wounded healer, innerchild issues, past life

Uranus – total transformation, immediate material and physical environment

I would love to help you gain clarity and more insight during this amazing breakthrough. To reserve a Cosmic Energy Soul Reading and to leave comments or questions email

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