Joanne Angel BarryColon, Certified Personal Trainer, Cosmic Energy Reader & Intuitive Healer

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Titiaium Quartz

Today, I am work with a new crystal, “Titiaium Quartz”, it helps to clear blocks and realign chakras. Are you feeling overwhelmed, distracted, anxious and even confused? We are experiencing a high wave of Cosmic Energy with the help of 3 planets in Retrograde (Pluto, Saturn and Mercury) and 2 more to follow (Jupiter JuneContinue reading “Titiaium Quartz”

Virgo ♍ Full Moon

Happy Pisces ♓ Season. We are in amazing energy as we explore this Virgo ♍/ Pisces ♓ Full Moon. This is a great time to embody our spiritual connection. With the help of Venus and Pisces ♓ Conjunction many of us will move into the energy of forgiveness. Aries ♈ you’re in the 12 thContinue reading “Virgo ♍ Full Moon”

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