Joanne Angel BarryColon, Certified Personal Trainer, Cosmic Energy Reader & Intuitive Healer

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Venus in Virgo ♍

Venus has moved into Virgo ♍. What does this mean for YOU?Venus is the planet of Love, Money and Relationships and Virgo is not known for her romantic traits. Virgo is more about organizing, cleaning and getting things done unlike Leo who is flirty and playful.When it comes to your relationship, you may have toContinue reading “Venus in Virgo ♍”

Titiaium Quartz

Today, I am work with a new crystal, “Titiaium Quartz”, it helps to clear blocks and realign chakras. Are you feeling overwhelmed, distracted, anxious and even confused? We are experiencing a high wave of Cosmic Energy with the help of 3 planets in Retrograde (Pluto, Saturn and Mercury) and 2 more to follow (Jupiter JuneContinue reading “Titiaium Quartz”

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