Three Crones and the Woo Woo

August is the month of magic and infinity energy, where anything is possible. On Tuesday, August 4th, which is our first Full Moon that is not a “super moon” or “lunar/solar eclipse”. This moon holds its hold Powerful energy. I always like to bring numerology into every situation, after all, we’re surrounded by numbers. Today’sContinue reading “Three Crones and the Woo Woo”

The Cosmic Focus For August

Everyone keeps wondering when the Pamdemic will be over and things return back to “normal”. As we move into August, the truth be told, going backwards would be considered regressive for our Spiritual Journey. Since March 2020, many have experienced a rapid enlightenment into a Spiritual Awakening. Now, that we’re living in a 5 DementionalContinue reading “The Cosmic Focus For August”

Watch “7 Reasons To Hire Me As Your Personal Trainer” on YouTube

I am Rev Joanne Angel BarryColon, your Certified Personal Trainer, Intuitive Healer and Cosmic Energy Reader, I help clients Release Issues From their Tissues with Movement, Nutrition and Meditation. I refer to my services as “Prescriptions” rather then programs. I consider myself to be a Authentic, there is no other Certified Personal Trainer like me.Continue reading “Watch “7 Reasons To Hire Me As Your Personal Trainer” on YouTube”

Watch “Ella Pahophin testimony” on YouTube

On Friday, July 24, 2020 Ella Pahopin and I had a conversation about her workouts and reiki experiences. Ella has been a client of mine for 5 years and counting. Ella lives in Staten Island and workouts 5 days a week, most sessions at 8 am. She traveled an hour to sometimes two hours forContinue reading “Watch “Ella Pahophin testimony” on YouTube”

Watch “Friday Intuition Card Reveal 7/24/2020” on YouTube

Welcome to Friday Intuition Card Reveal. Every Thursday night after 5 pm EST, I post a spread of cards known as “Friday Intuition” to help you gain clarity on that ONE question that will help you move forward. There can be 3 to 5 cards in the spread. Choose one card and leave in comments.Continue reading “Watch “Friday Intuition Card Reveal 7/24/2020” on YouTube”

Watch “SUCCESS 11:11 Meditation with Rev. Joanne Angel Barry Colon 072320” on YouTube

I love when our meditations flow from one day to the next. On Wednesday, July 22nd, we meditated on Financial Abundance and tonight on Thursday, July 23rd our one card pull was about Success. What does “Success” mean for you? When were your most successful moments? Who do you know that models ” Success”? WhatContinue reading “Watch “SUCCESS 11:11 Meditation with Rev. Joanne Angel Barry Colon 072320” on YouTube”

Watch “11:11 Meditation – Financial Abundance” on YouTube

Did you know that you are the “Creator” of your Abundance and you can attract as much money as you desire or block your self from attracting money? What is your relationship with money? How does it make you feel when you talk about money? What dollar amount would you desire to create your career?Continue reading “Watch “11:11 Meditation – Financial Abundance” on YouTube”