Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto- Direct

Jupiter goes Direct today. Get ready for your Spiritual Growth.Jupiter has been Retrograded since May 14th and today goes Direct. Jupiter is the planet of Expansion and Spiritual Growth. Over the last 4 months unconsciously you have been preparing for your expansion, your spirit has been evolving and your frequency has been rising.Some patterns, habitsContinue reading “Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto- Direct”

ReCharge – 3 Planetary Changes, Season Change & Astrological Sign Change

As we move into September, we are in for many changes, from planets to seasons and transformations. September is a “9” energy month, which means, let go, declutter, transition and transform. This month we have four Master Number dates, three of those dates are “22” days. Let’s start with September 9, 2020, (9+9+2+0+2+0= 22),This energyContinue reading “ReCharge – 3 Planetary Changes, Season Change & Astrological Sign Change”

Mercury Moves Into Virgo

Mercury the planet of communication, travel, schedules and technology has entered its home sign of Virgo on September 2, 2020. September 2, 2020 holds the vibration of 6, the healer and healing (9+2+2+0+2+0=15/6) What will you heal during this transition? This transition may impact your life in many different ways. Mercury will stay in VirgoContinue reading “Mercury Moves Into Virgo”

September/Virgo ♍

I love blending Numerology and Astrology together, I believe both modalities combined brings such amazing insight into our lives. I am a Student of Astrology and a Master at Numerology. September is the 9th month and carries the vibration of letting go, decluttering, karmic completion, death, transformation and transition. Each month carries its own personalContinue reading “September/Virgo ♍”

Uranus Goes Retrograde

Get ready to Shake, Rock and Roll as Uranus goes Retrograde on August 15th – January 14, 2021. This Retrograde will be in ♉ Taurus (2nd house) related to immediate material and physical environment, also rules income, money, and self-esteem. What house does ♉ Taurus sit in on your Natal Chart? Go to http://www.astro.com toContinue reading “Uranus Goes Retrograde”