Seven Essentials Oils To Help Heal Chakras

 Did you know that Chakras can become blocked due to our emotions such as fear, anxiety and stress and through these blockages may lead to physical pain, illness and disease. Our Chakras help maintain our well-being.      As a Certified Personal Trainer and Reiki Master, I encourage clients to heal their body, mind and spiritContinue reading “Seven Essentials Oils To Help Heal Chakras”

For Some, Mask Wearing Invokes Past Traumas

     My client knew something was wrong; she was experiencing high levels of anxiety and nightmares when she started wearing the mask. My client reached out to me inquiring about Chakra Balance Reiki Treatments, she was curious if this would help with the anxiety and nightmares. She wasn’t sure why wearing the mask was triggeringContinue reading “For Some, Mask Wearing Invokes Past Traumas”