I am Rev Joanne Angel BarryColon

Joanne Angel BarryColon was born at home in Jackson Heights, Queens on March 4, 1970, she is a Pisces, Rising Sign, Cancer and Moon Sign, Aquarius. She loves Astrology and is a student of Astrology. Joanne graduated from Julia Richman High School and has a dance background.

In 2005, Joanne enrolled in Empire State University, graduated in 2011 with a Associate Degree in Science and in 2012 completed her Bachelor Degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition Studies.

Joanne has 30+ years in health, fitness, nutrition and wellness industry, the owner of Wholistic Fitness located in Queens, she is a former natural body builder, certified personal trainer, holistic nutrition coach, reiki master/teacher, intuitive healer, host of Joanne’s Healing Within T.V Show, host of Joanne’s Cosmic Energy Radio Show, Creator of Chakra Balance Numerology Cosmic Energy Forecast Deck and author of Healing Within Meditation, The Power To Release Weight and Creative Cash Flow.

Joanne is an authentic Personal Trainer, when she works with clients, she focus on their mind, body and spirit and helps clients release issues in their tissues while transforming into their best self. Her mission is to help her clients live in purpose, on purpose and for purpose. Joanne has helped, educated, heal and transformed over 20,000 people, transforming their mind, body and spirit with movement, nutrition and meditation.

Tune in every Sunday for Joanne’s Healing Within T.V Show featured on Strong Island Television at 3:00 pm EST and the 2nd Wednesday of the month for Joanne’s Cosmic Energy Radio Show featured on Strong Island Radio at 5:00 pm EST. Both shows are available on Roku. To view shows go to https://www.facebook.com/strongislandtelevision/

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