Venus in Virgo ♍

Venus in Virgo ♍

Venus has moved into Virgo ♍. What does this mean for YOU?
Venus is the planet of Love, Money and Relationships and Virgo is not known for her romantic traits. Virgo is more about organizing, cleaning and getting things done unlike Leo who is flirty and playful.
When it comes to your relationship, you may have to accept that your partner may show their love by making you a cup of coffee, setting up a bubble bath for you, helping with the grocery or picking out a great tie for you, so you nail your next meeting. You get the idea.
This could be a great time to get all the home improvement stuff done, organize your finances and put things into perspective and declutter people, places and things.

Aries ♈ – Now that Venus is in Virgo ♍, this may be a great time to reinvent your style and go for that new look.

Taurus ♉ – Athough Venus is in Virgo ♍ you still can be playful while helping out in the kitchen, lending a hand with groceries or making your partners favorite meal.

Gemini ♊ – You may find yourself spending more time at home goods preparing to give your house a makeover. For you men out there, learn the phrase “yes honey” and ladies, this is a great time to praise your man. House make overs go well when you’re both in agreement.

Cancer ♋ – This is a great time to learn your partners love language. Does your partner appreciate help in the house or ordering dinner in. You may also be spending more time with your mother.

Leo ♌ – You may be focused on your finances, trying to get everything in order for a big event or an occasion. Budget yourself and everything will go smoothly.

Virgo ♍ – Venus is sitting in your house 🏠, helping you to get super organized and focused on matters of the heart ❤, know that everything is perfectly align, so breathe.

Libra ♎ – Venus in Virgo is helping you tie up loose ends , declutter and bring more balance into your home, relationships and career. Be sure to pick up big heavy garbage bags 🎒. This is also a great time to sit with your partner and set up new goals for your relationship. If you’re single, restructure your boundaries.

Scorpio ♏ – You may find yourself leading a helping hand at a party, helping someone move or participating in an event. This is definitely a time to socialize and organize.

Sagittarius ♐ – You may be thinking about how you show up in the world 🌎, how others see you. What have you achieved up until now? You may also be thinking about your father’s achievements and your partner’s achievements.

Capricorn ♑ – Travel is on your mind, whether it’s a short or long trip, it’s time to get things together and organize what you want to take with you.

Aquarius ♒ – There is alot of Planetary energy going on in your house, starting with Pluto, things ending and transforming and the Full Moon, once again helping you to release what doesn’t serve you anymore. Time to say goodbye to places, friends and things that have expired and make space for new opportunities, people and things.

Pisces ♓ – Venus in Virgo ♍ will help put things into perspective when it comes to your relationships and partnerships. A great time for reflection and improvements. What’s working and what’s not. Who’s staying and who’s going.

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