Leo – Express, Love, Create and Drama

Insight for Leo Season

The Sun is moving into Leo ♌ – creativity, expression, drama and fun.
I’d like to highlight DRAMA and the remaining period of July (7th month).
According to Numerology, number 7 means and carries the frequency and vibration to meditate, go within, review, reflect, spiritual awakening and growth.
With the 7 energy and Leo ♌ (drama), many things may be weighing on your mind, causing your heart to feel heavy.
Due to the energy from drama, you may be overreacting over something that is minor and making it so much bigger then need to be.

I invite you, just for today to sit in Meditation and prayer. Ask your deep hearted questions and then sit quietly to receive the answers.

Spiritual Guidance

Number 34, 3+4= 7 Sit quietly and reflect rather then reacting. Communication isn’t always about what you say, learn to listen.

3, Communication, Creating, Listen, Truth, Teach and Learn

4, New Foundation, Balance, Stability, Patience, Work Hard

Answers show up on many ways, from images, numbers, overheard conversations, an advertisement on a bus, colors and so much more.

When you seek guidance are you ready to receive the answers?

Sometimes, what stops us from moving forward can be fears, doubts, insecurities and shame.

When these feelings show up , I invite you to pause and check in on your Chakra System, there may be one or more Chakras that needs clearing and realignment. Work from the Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra until you feel a shift in energy.

Perhaps you may want to focus on a Mantra while moving from one Chakra to the next or even the color associated with the Chakra.

For example:

Root Chakra – Red – I am Focused and connecting to my intuition

Sacral Chakra – Orange – I am creating my desires

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – I am transforming lack into abundance

Heart Chakra – Green/Pink – I am filled with joy

Throat Chakra – Torquoise- I am listening and speaking my truth

Third Eye – Indigo – I am learning to see

Crown Chakra – Purple – I am being guided


To connect with your Intuition you must master the ability to ground, be still and connect.

24, 2+4= 6, Heal and Healing from karmic lessons, as you do, you begin to build a new foundation while connecting to new partnerships (self/others).

2, Partnership, Friendships, Relationships, Contracts (Personal/Professional)


While connecting with spiritual guidance and your intuition within time you experience a transformation.

During your transformation you may begin to feel lighter as fear, shame, limitations, worthlessness, insecurities, anger and so much more are released. You’re now open to call in and receive abundance, harmony, balance, peace, calmness and feel confident, love and gratitude.

18, 1+8= 9 Let go, Declutter, Completion, Transform

1, New Beginnings, Leader, Independent

8, Abundance, Success, Achievement, Karmic Completion

Again, take a moment to breathe and reflect before reacting during the beginning of Leo ♌ Season, as you do, you will reep the rewards. Remember that meditation helps you create your desires, focus on your end results, stay positive and in gratitude and in divine timing your vision will become your reality.

What weighs heavy on your mind overtime will feel lighter on your heart. Create, Express, Fun, Love and Drama, the power of Leo ♌ Season.

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