Titiaium Quartz

Today, I am work with a new crystal, “Titiaium Quartz”, it helps to clear blocks and realign chakras.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, distracted, anxious and even confused?

We are experiencing a high wave of Cosmic Energy with the help of 3 planets in Retrograde (Pluto, Saturn and Mercury) and 2 more to follow (Jupiter June 20 – Oct 28, 2021and Neptune June 25 – Dec 2, 2021).

Each of these planets in Retrograde are actually helping us reboot, recharge, renew and recalibrate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy, which may be one of the many reasons to “why” you’re feeling overwhelmed, distracted and anxious.

Each planet is associated with a specific theme and zodiac sign and where the planet is placed on your personal natal chart will help you determine what area of your life each Retrograde may influence.

Pluto is associated with decluttering, endings, old wounds, decay, death and transformation and currently in Capricorn ♑, which is associated with structure, public image, fame, honors, boundaries, rules and relationship with father and fatherhood. Pluto Retrograde April 27 – Oct 6, 2021

Saturn is associated with structure, discipline, responsibility and commitment and currently in Aquarius ♒, which is associated with teams, friendships, groups, video, media, networking, surprise, and sudden events. Saturn Retrograde May 23 – Oct 10, 2021

Mercury is associated with communication, technology, travel, schedule, and planning and currently in Gemini ♊, which is associated with communication, talking, listening, gadgets and devices, travel, siblings and neighborhood. Mercury Retrograde May 29 – June 22, 2021

Everyone will feel these Retrogrades whether you’re conscious of the energy or not, however those who have Sun, Moon, Rising and planet in these areas will mostly likely feel these energies more.

I recommend the following:

• Drink extra water to help stay hydrated and focused

• Move your body daily by incorporate weight lifting and functional cardio and stretches/yoga for 60 to 90 minutes a day

• Meditation- Guided, Visual, Chakra Balance and/or Breath Work

• Get out in nature

• Work with crystals – Titanium Quatz, Rose Quartz, Amythes

• Use Aromatherapy- Balance, Elevation, Peppermint, Motivation (suggested Brand- Doterra)

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