Virgo ♍ Full Moon

Happy Pisces ♓ Season. We are in amazing energy as we explore this Virgo ♍/ Pisces ♓ Full Moon. This is a great time to embody our spiritual connection. With the help of Venus and Pisces ♓ Conjunction many of us will move into the energy of forgiveness.

Aries ♈ you’re in the 12 th house energy, it’s time to tie up loose ends and finish things.

Taurus ♉ you’re in the 11th house energy, You may find yourself connecting with friends and planning events.

Gemini ♊ you’re in the 10th house energy. A time for recognition and perhaps spending time with your father or father figure and reflection on how you show up as a father or Masculine role (taking action).

Cancer ♋ you’re in the 9th house energy, you may experience a Spiritual expansion (seeking healing work), travel locally and you may feel lucky.

Leo ♌ you’re in the 8th house energy, things are ending as things are beginning. Massive transformation.

Virgo ♍ you’re in the 7th house, it’s all about relationships, partnerships and contracts.

Libra ♎ you’re in the 6th house, you’re itchy for organization and forced on health and exercise, you may find that you inspire others to live a healthy life as you do.

Scorpio ♏ you’re in the 5th house energy. Focused on how you express yourself. You may experience drama for more attention. Romance and play is a big highlight during this Full Moon

Sagittarius ♐ you’re in the 4th house energy, family and home are very important to you. What can you let go of for a healthier relationship with your mother? How do you show up as a mother?

Capricorn ♑ you’re in the 3rd house energy. All about communication, networking and connecting with siblings. Some local travel during this Full Moon.

Aquarius ♒ you’re in the 2 nd house energy. You’re spending time in nature and also focus on nature. How can you surrender negative energy around money and income. This Full Moon may challenge your self-esteem.

Pisces ♓ you’re in the 1st house energy, it’s all about YOU, self expression, how you show up and new beginnings. What will this Full Moon help you release to help you transition to the best version of you.

Below you will find your Personal Energy Year Number, which will help you understand your theme for the Virgo ♍ Full Moon and Pisces ♓ Season.

To find your Personal Energy Year Number add your month + date + current year (2021) then take to a single digit (except for 11). For example: 3+4+2+0+2+1= 12/3 My Personal Energy Year Number is 3

1 Personal Energy Year : New Beginnings

2 Personal Energy Year Number: Partnerships

3 Personal Energy Year: Communication

4 Personal Energy Year: New Foundation

5 Personal Energy Year: Change

6 Personal Energy Year: Healing

7 Personal Energy Year: Spiritual Awakening

8 Personal Energy Year: Harmony

9 Personal Energy Year: Transformation

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