Mercury Retrograde

Did you know that Mercury goes Retrograde 3 to 4 times a year? In 2021, Mercury will Retrograde 3 times this year and each time Mercury Retrograde will be in an Air Sign (Aquarius ♒, Gemini ♊ and Libra ♎).

Now that Mercury is Retrograde and in Aquarius ♒ you may find yourself over thinking or even getting tongue tide. Computers may run slow and you may experience delays while traveling. The good news, you may also find things running really smoothly.

By the way, we just had amazing Full Moon in Leo ♌ This Full Moon will make you want to follow your heart ❤, you may ask yourself, do you feel loved and empowered? This Full Moon will impact Aquarius ♒ and Leo ♌ more then other signs but everyone will feel this energy one way or another.

For those who do not know what it means when a planet goes Retrograde, simply put, the energy of that planet slows down influencing us to reflect. When a planet is in Retrograde its not usually a time to take action (atleast not everyone). What I mean by that is, depending on where the planet sits in on your Natal chart will determine whether its a good time for you to act on something. This will also have alot to do with what astrological sign the planet is in and where that sign is on your chart.

Did you know that Mercury rules Virgo ♍ and Gemini ♊?

What does this mean for you? Again depending on where Virgo ♍ and Gemini ♊ are on your Natal Chart will determine how you may be influenced by this Mercury Retrograde.

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