Walking In Purpose

“NO”VEMBER , “11” – Master Healer

A Master Energy Month

Did you know that November is the only month that carries a vibration and frequency of the “Master Teacher and Healer”.

In Numerology the number “11” is known as a Master Number, which means teaching and healing at a higher level. Being the Teacher and Healer and perhaps Builders and Creators.

Those who are born on the 11th day of the month, have a life path of 11 or born in November usually has experienced traumas and intense lessons that may lead into Mastery and being a Teacher and/or Healer.

Below, I’m some birthdays of friends, family and clients that are born in November, born on the 11th or have a life path of “11”.

I would also like to point out that the “11” carries the meaning of the number “2”, partnership, contracts, marriage, relationships, professionally and personally, just with a “Higher” vibration. Which means one’s journey may include many challenges, obstacles and intense lessons.

Joe Biden – 11/20/1942

Joe Biden, newly elected as our President carries three “11” in his birthdate (11+2+0+1+9+4+2= 29/11) and he was born at 8:30 am (11).

Joe Biden’s Life Path is “11”, which means he is here on earth 🌎 to be a Master Teacher. He is born in 1942, a “7” energy year making him a spiritual seeker and desires a Spiritual Awakening for himself and others.

Joe Biden has a “4” (11+2) Achievement Vibration, he is here to learn to build new foundations, balance and stability in his life and others, as he is a Master Teacher, Healer, Builder and Creator. He carries the vibration and frequency of three “11”, The Master Teacher/Healer, The Master Builder and the Master Creator.

Joe Monkman – 11/7/1965

Joe Monkman is an explorer, a devotee of the wonders of Life, a storyteller, photographer, meditator, wellness educator and whatever else pops up in the moment. For the past 30 years he has combined Shamanic, Buddhist, and other practices and principles into his own unique brand of personal development training.

Based on Joe’s birth date, he is a Master Teacher/ Healer, he enjoys traveling and learning about spiritual practices. Joe’s Life Path is “3” which means he’s a creator, teacher and great speaker. Joe is also born in a “3” energy year (1965).

Joe is on earth 🌎 in this life time to Master the relationship of self expression and help others uncover their true identity.

Joe has a “9” Achievement Vibration. Joe is here to learn to let go of past life patterns, beliefs and habits and to transition back into the Buddha or Shamanic Master.

Natan Bradbury – 11/4/1979

Natan Bradbury is a Spiritual Guide and Mentor to many Coaches and Leaders. Using his knowledge of over 20 years of Torah learning and Kabbalistic practices, he transforms the lives of his students, leading them to a deeper understanding of life, Source, and self.

Natan is the Founder of The Mystic Warrior Academy, an organization dedicated to helping veterans address and process emotional trauma from sexual assault and post traumatic stress.

Based on Natan Bradbury birthdate, he works hard and his biggest mission is to build an empowet that empowers others to heal from trauma and live on purpose. He enjoys traveling. Quite and alone time is a must, it’s Natan’s way to rejuvenate. He is structured and discipline but appreciate change.

Natan is born in an “8” energy year, which means he needs balance, stability and harmony in all his relationships.

Natan’s Life Path is a “5”, its his purpose to be apart of the Change in the world and help people free and heal themselves from their wounds.

Natan has a “6” Achievement Vibration. In this life time Natan is to learn to heal the wounds from his inner child that are connected with his father, by doing so he will Master balance and stability with all partnerships. This is the Mastery of building his foundation.

Jillian Sandoval – 11/2/1984

Jillian Sandoval is a Master Healer and the Founder of the Spiritual Rehabilitation Institute. Integrating numerous healing modalities customized to suit the individual needs of each client, Jillian is skilled at addressing the root cause of all forms of addiction, depression, severe anxiety, panic and chronic pain. Working with the autonomic nervous system on an energetic level, she creates harmony and the deepest level of healing within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Jillian’s birthdate carries two Master Numbers, “11” from the month of November and “22” from the year she is born in 1+9+8+4 = 22.

What does this mean for Jillian? She has experienced traumas that led her down a dark path. Jillian is on earth 🌎 in this lifetime to rebuild a foundation that is supported by trust, respect and honesty.

Jillian’s soul’s purpose is to build partnerships around the world 🌎 that is surrounded by harmony, balance and Infinity.

Jillian’s Life Path is “8”, what she focuses on manifest into abundance.

On a personal note Jillian is loyal to her family and honors a loving partnership.

What is Jillian here to achieve in this lifetime?

Jillian carries a “4” Achievement Number Vibration, she is here to learn how to balance work and play and let go of the patterns of working hard and Master the mindset of working smarter.

Sherri Simpson – 11/12/1974

Sherri Simpson is an Intuitive Guide. As a 5x Scorpio, Scorpio Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus, she has learned that her psychic gifts run deep, and that the joys of life are found in going deeper. Sherri loves to go into the darkness, the resistance and the struggles and shine a light on them. It’s part of the path to transformation and raising your vibration.

Sherri is a creator, teacher and healer, she is born in a “3” energy year (1974) and born on a “3” energy day (12/3). Sherri spends most of her time teaching and guiding her clients how to heal on a deeper level.

Sherri enjoys traveling and unlike most of us, she loves change, which comes from her “5” Achievement Vibration.

Sherri’s Life Path is “8”, abundance, harmony and balance. This is what she desires in her personal relationships.

Sherri has 5 signs in Scorpio ♏, which makes her 5 times more passionate, persistent, loyal, fearlessly curious and has an independent mind.

Omar Zurita – 11/11/1983

Omar J. Zurita is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Essential oils Educator who has a holistic business in NY for the last 6 years. He has experience working in the mental health field with children, adolescents and adults for the last 15 years and incorporates essential oils in his practice as part of a clinical aromatherapeutic approach.

Omar has two “11” in his birth date, which adds up to “22”, a Master Builder. Omar is on earth 🌎 in this life time to help heal his clients and support them on their Spiritual Journey.

Omar is not your “everyday” Psychotherapist, he helps his clients discover who they are on a Soul Level and helps them heal from their past life, inner childhood and present wounds.

Omar’s Life Path is “8”, his life purpose is to have harmony, balance and Infinity abundance in all he does.

Master Numbers

What is Omar here to Achieve? Master Builder “11+11 = 22”

22 is a Master number…Master Builder. A Master Builder has a contract to build and lift humanity up and aid in the spiritual evolution.

Do you have a Master Number in your birthdate and are you “Walking in Purpose”?

Certified Wholistic Personal, Intuitive Healer and Cosmic Energy Reader

To learn more about the energy of your birthday email healingwithin76@gmail.com to book a Cosmic Energy Soul Reading

For additional services go to http://www.wholisticfitnessny.com




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