Halloween 🎃 Trick or Treat

Avra kadavra means,

“I create as I speak.”

Choose One Card from Left to Right 1, 2, 3

Each card is associated with a Chakra, affirmation and a number that provides a hidden message.

Whatever card you have chosen can be the gateway to your healing journey.

Card # 1

Marriage is the highest level in a relationship. When you come together in this contract, you vow to love conditionally and shine light on your partner when they are going through their darkness and hold space for them as they do.

The purple is associated with the 7th Chakra – The Crown 👑 , its time to release the ego and transition into your Spiritual Awakening while tapping into your psychic gifts, Intuition and higher self.

The number “88” is a Power Number that provides you with strength, abundance, balance, harmony and infinite in your marriage.

Believe by choosing this card Marriage is in store for you.

If you’re married already, believe that your Marriage is transforming into a higher vibration, both you and your partner are vibrating at a higher frequency.

Card # 2

Are you ready for a Rebirth, seeing yourself in a different light and connecting with your spiritual gifts 🎁, that may look like: Reiki, Crystals, Sound Healing, Chakra Balance, Acupuncture and so much more. A time to Seek, Create and Express.

The pink is assoicated with the 4th Chakra – the heart ❤ . As you’re experiencing a rebirth you begin to have more compassion, unconditional love, self love and forgiveness, which is the highest level of healing.

The number “21” adds up to “3”, as you experience a rebirth you developed a new relationship with yourself where you create and express yourself in a new way.

Card # 3

On Halloween 🎃 and a Full Blue Moon anything is possible, especially a New Relationship. Using the energy of the two you ‘re most likely to meet someone special. Be sure to get out and socialize.

Already in a relationship, then set a spell by using Rose , Sandle Wood or Patchouli to spark up the romance and take a walk under the Full Blue Moon 🌙. Feeling the magic of the two.

The red is associated with the 1st Chakra – the Root, its important that you stay grounded and focus on all the positive things in your relationship. Know that your relationship is grounded, supported, balanced, stable. That Mother Earth 🌎, Universe and Higher Power are protecting both of you.

The number “28” adds up to a “10” which is about new beginnings, fresh starts and potential and options.

Your new relationship is filled with balance, harmony and abundance.

Please share how your card resonates with you. Should you have any questions or wish to book a private Cosmic Energy Soul Reading email healingwithin76@gmail.com

For additional services go to http://www.wholisticfitnessny.com

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