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Welcome to our first episode of the 3 Crones & The Woo Woo Podcast. I am excited to introduce you to Krista Ducharme, Gayle Nicholson and Joanne Angel BarryColon. Every week we will share with you insight on many different healing modalities.

Each week Joanne Angel BarryColon will share insight on what’s going on in the Cosmic Worl( blading Astrology and Numerology) and how that may impact your emotions, decisions and even may have life changing effects.

When pulling Today’s card, it amazed me how the number corresponded to today’s date 10/27/2020.

The “27” when added together equals a “9”, in numerology the “9” carries a vibration of letting go, completion and transformation.


When you add the date 1+0+2+7+2+0+2+0= 5

In numerology the “5” carries a vibration of change, freedom and unpredictability.

The color represents the Throat Chakra, which is associated with communication, creating and teaching.

The affirmation “Engaged”, when viewing our podcast, how will you engage in the Full Blue Moon πŸŒ™ energy this month.

Back of card

Every week Krista Ducharme will share the “Crystal” of the week. Krista chose Smoky Quartz, which is associated with Scorpio ♏, helps to release negative energy, fear and lifts depression and promotes emotional calmness and positive thoughts and action. Smoky Quartz helps to dispel nightmares, manifest dreams and assist with communication.

Smoky Quartz

In honor of Halloween πŸŽƒ and the Full Blue Moon πŸŒ™, Gayle Nicholson shared the famous spell, Avra Kadavra “I will create as I speak”.

What rituals and spells do you do and participate in during a Full Blue Moon and Halloween?

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