Jupiter and Your Body Weight

Jupiter – Planet of Expansion

Did you know that there are three planets (Jupiter, Saturn and yes, the Moon) and four “Houses (1st, 5th, 6th & 9th) connected to body weight?

Jupiter is the planet of transformation and expansion, and associated with fat, cholesterol and liver health. Those with Rising signs in Sagittarius ♐ and Taurus ♉ are prone to weight gain as you age as Jupiter rules both Astrological Signs.

Saturn – Planet of Beliefs and Karmic Cycles

Saturn is associated with beliefs, habits, patterns, boundaries and karmic cycle. Saturn is also associated with laziness. When Saturn goes Retrograde one may find themselves slowing down, which is when weight may creep in.

Associated with body fluid system

Every month we experience a Full Moon and New Moon and once in a blue moon, we experience a “Blue Full Moon”. Now, depending on what Astrological Sign your Moon is in, may contribute to weight gain.

How does your Astrological Sign measure up?

Pisces ♓, Cancer ♋ and Scorpio ♏ are water signs and are naturally prone to weight gain.

Aries ♈ – Fire Sign, usually burns calories at a faster rate and Jupiter aspects brings good fortune.

Taurus ♉ – Earth Sign, has a sweet tooth, which may bring on extra pounds.

Gemini ♊ – Air Sign, doesn’t gain weight easily, metabolism runs fast, however as you get older metabolism may slow down causing weight gain.

Cancer ♋ – Water Sign, naturally prone to weight gain. Childhood issues may also be a factor to weight gain. Eating healthy and exercise is necessary.

Leo ♌ – Fire Sign, your unlikely to gain weight as other signs, especially should you have lean muscles, however, during your mid years it’s important to stay fit, otherwise your lean muscles will decrease and fat will increase creating weight gain.

Virgo ♍ – Earth Sign, Usually very slender due to rulership with Mercury. Mercury is the Master of Speed. Virgos are fortune in speed and general agility makes you less likely to gain weight.

Libra ♎ – Air Sign, You have a tendency to put on weight as you age mostly because you are ruled by Venus. Venus is placed in the water signs of Pisces.

Scorpio ♏ – Water Sign, Ruled by Pluto and Mars, its important that you keep your weight at a healthy range. As with your Cancer Cousins – you tend to hold on to childhood issues and past family emotional issues, which can result in obesity.

Sagittarius ♐ – Fire Sign, Jupiter is your ruler and being the largest planet of the Solar System puts you at a high risk for weight gain.

Capricorn ♑ – Earth Sign, one of the lucky signs ruled by slender Saturn, however when Saturn is Retrograde, you may find yourself feeling lazy and tired, which may lead to weight gain.

Aquarius ♒ – Air Sign, Ruled by Uranus and Satutn, your always on the go, likely not to gain weight. Should you see weight creeping on, you are mindful to add more exercises to your routine.

Pisces ♓ – Water Sign, Sagittarius, Jupiter and Neptune regulate your sign, you have a tendency of weight gain, which is the reason to maintain a daily exercise regimen along with breath work to help increase your metabolic rate.

Whenever a planet goes Retrograde, the energy of that planet slows down and this year (2020), all of our planets have Retrograded, which might have lead to unexplainable weight gain. Know that once the planets go Direct, you may suddenly begin to Release Weight without any extra effort on your part. Know that both Jupiter and Saturn Retrograded in Capricorn and the opposition sign of Capricorn is Cancer (water sign).

Opposition Signs:

Aries ♈ 1st – Libra ♎ 7th

Taurus ♉ 2nd – Scorpio ♏ 8th

Gemini ♊ 3rd -Sagittarius ♐ 9th

Cancer ♋ 4th – Capricorn ♑ 10th

Leo ♌ 5th – Aquarius ♒ 11th

Virgo ♍ 6th – Pisces ♓ 12th

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