Every Word Has Power

Hawk’s Eye

Did you know that science indicates most people talk to themselves daily? Which is why it’s important to be mindful that every word has power and what you say to yourself becomes your reality.

Did you know that when you tell yoyrself or someone “no problem”, the only word the brain register is “problem”.

Below are six crystals to assist in healing communication with self and others.

Hawk’s Eye

Hawk’s eye helps the soul to turn ideas into reality and brings positive changes to life as it also activates creativity.


Aquamarie helps promote courage, calmness and clear communication. It also clears away blocks in the Chakras to help energy flow.


Azurite known as the “Stone of Heaven”, helps with creativity and psychic abilities and also helps with arthritis.


Turquoise is a perfect stone for public speaking and teaching also provides protection when traveling and support spirituality, courage, emotional balance. Helps friendship, love and romance. A great stone to help with releasing weight and improves muscle circulation and the throat.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate provides balance and emotional stability, raises spiritual vibration, improve communication at all levels. Also provides healing on eyesight, speech and aids in arthritis, water retention, skin growth and bone fractures.

Turquoise Bead

Turquoise Bead protects against negativity. It helps the flow of energy in one’s body with detox and improving the immune system. It’s also associated with the throat and heart, helping with communication related to the matters of the heart.

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