Attracting Love

Rose Quartz

When it comes to matters of the Heart, Rose Quartz is the go to crystal. Whether you’re looking for love or want to be loved, Rose Quartz sets the spell.

When working with Rose Quartz, it can be worn as jewerly, placed in your pocket and even placed on your desk or bedroom dresser (on the right hand corner, based on Feng Shui).


Now let’s chat about healing your heart and muscles. Malachite is known to help relieve sore muscles after a workout or when your body is carrying emotional stress and stiffness. Apply a little TLC by rubbing Malachite on the sore, stressed or stiff body part.

Malachite promotes emotional balance, relieves forms of depression and helps to remove worry, Insomnia and great for interpreting dreams. Also helps to improve the immune system.


Having trouble with making-decisions, Aventurine is your go to crystal. Helps with creativity and motivation, balances yin and yang energy. Also a great crystal for muscle injuries (tears, sprains and strains).


Unakite helps to relieve grief- especially when you forget an idea, dream or goal. It connects your heart and root chakras, removing blocks and helping to move forward from your heart, releasing past experiences and trapped emotions.

For those looking to conceive, Unakite is associated with fertility and a healthy development of the fetus.


When you’re feeling sad, angry or jealous Peridot is the “feel better stone”. It releases emotional blockages, eliminates addictions related to alcohol and negative repeated cycles and behavior patterns. Peridot is also the recommended crystal for all cancer treatment.

When working with crystals it is important to cleanse, charge and attune your crystals everyday, especially when you’re wearing as jewerly.

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