Are Gems, Stones and Crystals the Same?

Painite Gem

Gems are made organically through minerals or organic matter.

Stones are known as gemstones, which is usually a mineral and has formed crystal, then cut and polished to be made as jewerly.

Crystals are defined solids that contains atoms, molecules and ions in a fixed order.

Gems can be a Crystal, where as Crystals will not always be a gem.

Painite Crystal

The most rarest mineral on earth is Painite. Painite is a powerful Crystal that can be used as a Chakra opener – it helps relieves pain on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Semi – Percious Stone

What are Precious Stones? Stones that are made into jewerly, there are only four , diamond, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Sometimes, pearl, opal and jade fall under this category but they are considered semi-percious.

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