Crystal Healing

Rose Quartz – a must have to help heal relationships
Cleansing, Clearing, Attune

Did you know that crystals and gems are a source of “natural medicine” and have been around for over 30, 000 years. Many people wear crystals as Jewerly and are not aware of its healing energy.

Every crystal is associated with a Chakra point and has significant healing power on our mind, emotions, body and spirit.

When wearing crystals, to gain the healing benefits, it’s important to clear, charge and attune the crystals, as your crystals absorb energies and overtime become dull. I recommend clearing your crystals everyday should you be wearing them and once a month should you use your crystals in your business or home.

Below, I have shared the meaning for all 12 birth stones and what Chakra each one is associated with. Note, there are other birth stones for each sign.

January’ s stone

Red Garnet – Wear to create strong balance and more energy. Works to strengthen the Heart and Root Chakra

February’s stone

Amethyst – The “Master” Healing, helps to activate psychic abilities, opens the Crown Chakra and connects you to higherself

March’s stone

Aquamarine – Stone of courage and protection. Use for spiritual communication and clears blocks. Perfect stone to wear for important conversations and meetings , activates throat chakra.

April’s stone

Diamond – Opens all chakras giving out positive healing. Unites the mind and body into spiritual well-being.

May’s stone

Emerald – Helps heal t emotional and physical issues. Activates the Heart, brings harmony to all areas of one’s life.

June’s stone

Pearl – Signifies faith and innocence, it enhances personal integrity also known as the “stone of sincerity”. Activates Sacral Chakra

July’s stone

Ruby – Protects against loss of heart energy and disovles emotional congestion. Activates Heart Chakra

August’s stone

Peridot – Healing and balance. Activate Heart

September’s stone

Sapphire – Mental focus, order, inner vision and psychic awareness. Helps opens third eye as well as throat.

October’s stone

Opal – Helps to stabilize one’s mood. Activates Crown Chakra

November’s stone

Topaz – Powerful stone for manifestation of personal intuition. Activates Solar Plexus Chakra

December’s stone

Tanzanite – Unites higher mind and intuition. Stimulates Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

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