Life Challenges

I shared this in a private post today, thought I share here.

We all experience days that are challenging, but not all of us are honest with our selves to admit it. I had a conversation with God today, I pointed out all the things that were challenging me and asked him to shine the light on my path to walk, I asked him to show me Sunflowers leading the way.
Some of my challenges:
God reminded me that the very things that are challenging me are the lessons I need to learn. With each person we encounter come lessons. Understand that every person is a reflection of ourselves. Whatever the experience is, this may be a hard pill to take down when the experience consist of (rape, abuse, abandonment, etc). The belief is, a person who experiences something this intense has a “higher calling”.
Its important and necessary to feel you “feeling” and even more important to understand what they are connected to and work on healing the “issue”, when you look at the bigger picture, that’s what its all about.

The Planets

Do YOU understand “How” our planets impact our emotions and energy?
This year (2020), we have experienced all of our Planets in Retrograde, when a planet goes Retrograde, the energy of that planet slows down. We currently have 6 Planets in Retrograde:
Pluto – Capricorn ♑
Mars – Aries ♈
Saturn – Capricorn ♑
Neptune – Pisces ♓
Uranus – Taurus ♉
Chiron – Aries ♈
Where these planet sit in on your Astrological Chart will determine what you’re lessons may be.
Do you know your Rising, Moon, Sun signs? Go to for personal chart

Every number has power

Do you know about Numerology and do you understand it?
Do you know what your Personal Energy is for this year (2020)
Take the month you’re born in and date your born on add them up with the year. March 4, 2020
3+4+2+0+2+0=11 (2)
What each number’s theme is:
1 – new beginning
2 – partnerships
3 – communication
4 – new foundation
5 – change
6 – healing
7 – reflecting
8 – balance
9 – completion
This has helped me understand who I AM on a Soul Level. Once you get to know yourself on a Soul Level, you may begin to understand your JOURNEY.
We will all experience days when we feel on time of the MOON and days when we want to hide UNDER our covers. Know that you’re not alone and have many TOOLS to help you Navigate through the challenges. When you have days when you can not Navigate, know, I AM here for you. All you need to do is reach for my hand, I Will PULL you UP. Love and Light.

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