Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto- Direct

Get ready to grow.

Jupiter goes Direct today. Get ready for your Spiritual Growth.
Jupiter has been Retrograded since May 14th and today goes Direct.

Jupiter is the planet of Expansion and Spiritual Growth. Over the last 4 months unconsciously you have been preparing for your expansion, your spirit has been evolving and your frequency has been rising.
Some patterns, habits and beliefs may change due to your spiritual growth. New people, places, ideas, opportunities and possibilities may show up. When the Phone or Door Bell Rings be READY to Answer. Every opportunity is a YES opportunity.
Who you were back in May is not who you are NOW. You have grown, expanded into a higher frequency.
Over the last 4 months you have received Downloads of knowledge, Wisdom and Spiritual Gifts. It’s time to step into your Power and Purpose.
What do you SEE?
What do you HEAR?
What do you FEEL?
Who are you connecting with that have CROSSED OVER?
The more you connect with your Higherself the stronger your POWER and PURPOSE will become.

Karmic Completion

As Saturn goes Direct on September 29th, Karmic Cycles will end. During this cycle you may notice people, places and things may change, end and transform. What you used to do day to day will no longer be. Belief habits and patterns will shift.

Transformation & Death

On October 4, 2020 Pluto will go Direct and over the next 3-weeks you may begin to see yourself differently and you may also notice many things ending or changing such as jobs, relationships and health. You have transitioned from the cocoon, callipiller and transform into a beautiful butterfly 🦋 . Your vibration is at a higher frequency and ready to serve your PURPOSE.

As you’re ready to serve your PURPOSE, i invite you to Ground yourself by going into nature.

At anytime you feel uneasy, know that you’re always being supported by Mother Earth 🌎, You’re never alone.

Enjoy the New Version of Yourself and know and trust there is so much more to come as Uranus, Neptune, Mars and Chiron go Direct.

Leave comments and questions at healingwithin76@gmail.com

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