Master Numbers

The Portal Is Open

Did you know that numbers that repeat are known as “Master Numbers” and carry a high vibration, along with a powerful message that aligns with your “Purpose”.

There are two questions to ask yourself when you see Master Numbers:

1. What comes to mind when you see this number?

2. What were you thinking when this number shown up?

Know that, that number is giving you the clarity you’re seeking.

Numbers that show up as Master Numbers

In Numerology every number has a specific theme and vibration and when it shows up as a ” Master Number”, the vibration has a higher frequency.

What these numbers mean for me, may not mean the same for you. What comes to mind when you see these numbers.

It’s not necessary to know the theme of each number, this is where your “intuition” comes in. Give the following numbers a try:

“33” I am healing myself and creating new partnerships
“11” I am creating a new foundation with partnerships
“22” As I have faith I heal and stand as a leader in my partership

Know that anytime you see a “Master Number” the portal is open and the vail between the phyiscal and spiritual realm is thin, making it easier to connect with your higher self, spirit guides, angels and love ones.

I would love to hear what numbers you see and how numbers resonate with you. Leave comments, questions and to redeem $10 off your Cosmic Energy Soul Reading email

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