Spiritual Whispers

What New Door Will You Unlock?

What if someone told you to listen for the whispers anytime you had a question or needed clarity?

Did you know your loves ones are always listening, the ones that have crossed over I am speaking about. You now have a special connection with them. Unlike Archangel, Spirit Guides and Faries who need permission to give you guidance, your loves ones can offer you guidance without you asking for it.

Now it’s up to you to receive there guidance by being aware, awaken and open to their messages and insight.

For me, the easiest way to gain access to your love ones insight and all your other spirit guides is through Chakra Balance Meditation. By connecting with your Chakras you will open the energy between the physical and spiritual realm, which gives you access to the clarity you’re seeking.

When I am searching for guidance and clarity, I always call on higher power, angels, spirit guides, faries and love ones, especially my mom. I start off by saying ” Higher Power, Angels, Spirit Guides, Faris and mom, I am looking for guidance and confirmation on the following (I am very specific with what I am asking for) then, I ask them to show me a “sign”. I have three tools that I use as my “signs”, numbers, colors and image. I only use one tool per question. I also pull one card first thing in the morning from my Chakra Balance Numerology Cosmic Energy Forecast Deck, this helps me to connect with one Chakra, affirmation and a number, which provides a hidden message.

Balance reminds me to stay connected with the physical and spiritual world

The number below is one of my “signs” and carries a very powerful message, 2468, everything is in perfect order, these numbers represent my mother’s and father -inlaw’s birthday, the initials JAB represent my full birth name Joanne Angel Barry.

2+4+6+8=2 partnerships

Your guidance shows up in many ways, it’s up to you to be ready to receive. Spirit Communication is powerful and fun. Are you open to hear the “Spiritual Whispers?

Leave comments and questions at healingwithin76@gmail.com

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