Mars Retrograde = Moody

Are You Feeling Moody?

Have you felt as though you have been turned upside-down and not sure which way is up? Six planets in retrograde can definitely make you feel this way.

Do you feel as though you need to schedule an extra healing treatment , wear extra crystals to ground your energy or feeling moody and uneasy, you’re not alone. You can thank planet Mars for this as he begins to slow down and join the other six planets in retrograde, as Mars will retrograde on September 9, 2020 and go direct on November 13, 2020.

Mars is the planet of war, anger, frustration and may impact your sex life and career. Mars will be in Aries ♈ (Aries is ruled by Mars), which is associated with first house – first impression, leadership, appearance, fresh starts and new beginnings.

Depending on where Mars is placed on your Astrological Chart will determine what energy will be highlighted. I would also like for you to be mindful the other planets in retrograde impact this as well. Anytime planets go retrograde, it’s a time to reflect not react.

During Mars retrograde, I invite you to check in on your Chakras (energy system) and ground yourself while connecting your energy to the energy you wish to attract.

Did you know that when your energy vibration is high, people with low energy vibrations may feel uneasy around you, which may create uneasy experiences such as arguments, fights and unforeseen incidences, similar to the incident I experienced in the video.

8+2+6+2+0+2+0= 11 Master Number

As mentioned, August 26, 2020 adds up to 11, in Numerology any number that is a double digit is called a “Master Number”. This energy creates the veil between the physical and spiritual energy realm to be thin, making the energy easier to connect with spirit.

Please be mindfulness that not everyone is spiritually awakening, therefore, it is important to protect your energy field and ground yourself to prevent unforseen energies into your aura.

I have created a Guided Visual Meditation to help you ground, protect your aura and align high frequency energy in and out to attract high paying clients, healthy relationships, partnerships and friendships and more.

Ground and High Frequency Alignment

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