September/Virgo ♍

What’s Instore For You In Septrmber?

I love blending Numerology and Astrology together, I believe both modalities combined brings such amazing insight into our lives. I am a Student of Astrology and a Master at Numerology.

September is the 9th month and carries the vibration of letting go, decluttering, karmic completion, death, transformation and transition.

Each month carries its own personal theme. The theme of the month is based on the current year (2020) and month (9) added to your birthday. Add the month and day of your birthday to the current year, this represents your personal year for 2020.

I will use my birthday as an example, March 4, use this formula to find your personal year for 2020


2 is my personal year for 2020

Now, that you found the sum of your personal year, add “9” for September, so, my birthday is March 4, here is the formula, add 9 for Seotember to find your personsal energy for September


2 is my personal energy for September

What is your personal month theme for September?

One: Rebirth, New Beginnings, Independent

What will you let go of to be reborn?

Two: Partnerships, Contracts, Marriage (Business, Personal)

How will your partnership transform this month?

Three: Communication, Creator, Teacher, Learning, Creativity

How will you transition to communicate and use your creativity for your higher purpose?

Four: Balance, harmony, stability, Hard Worker, New Foundation

How are you transforming to build a new foundation?

Five: Change, Freedom, Unpredictability

What will you release for change and freedom?

Six: Healing, Healer, Caretaker

As the wounded healer, how will you transform?

Seven: Meditation, Introvert, Go Within, Evaluate

How will you evolve and transition when going within?

Eight: Abundance, Harmony, Balance, Infinity

How do you let go to have harmony and balance?

Nine: Declutter, Let Go, Transformation, Evolve, Transition

What will you release during your transformation?

Virgo ♍ is associated with the 6th house – organization, schedules, routine, fitness, and eating healthy. As you bring these two modalities together, you may find yourself letting go of old patterns, habits and beliefs, reevaluating your schedule, organizing your home, office or files and maybe even looking for more structure in your life.

What house is Virgo ♍ associated with on your chart?

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