Knee Chakra

Our Knees are one of the largest joints in our body, they give us the flexibility to move between upper and lower leg. Without knee mobility, you wouldn’t beable to walk, run, jump, leap, bend and climb.

The knee Chakra sits behind a vortex of energy, which gives you the ability to bend, flex and choose direction and speed. Your knee Chakra works along side the Root Chakra and serves to help you in the Physical world.

Each knee gives you insight on different things, such as, the left knee is about your spiritual path, where your right knee is about your physical path. Your knees can tell you alot about yourself, when you pay attention.

Metaphysically, the knees represent how flexible you are with situations relating to self and others. When you experience knee discomfort from the front of your knee, that may have to do with a situation that is occurring in the present. When your experiencing knee discomfort from behind the knee that may have to do with something from the past.

Right and left knee has different insight.

The left knee, the life side is associated with feminine energy and is influenced by the right side of the brain, which is your intuitive, feminine and imagination. The right sphere of the brain concentrates on the aspects of your personality that is closely aligned to your spiritual dimension.

Your left knee leads you to your spiritual path. When there is discomfort in the left knee, that may be a sign that you could be ignoring your spiritual call or not trusting your spiritual path.

This may mean that you are afraid of what may need to change once you step into your spiritual path and or how others will look at you.

Once you are aligned to this insight, you can place your left hand over your left knee, close you eyes and ask your knee what it can tell you about your spiritual path. Once you have received guidance, say “thank you ” and do your best to honor your spiritual path.

Your Right Knee, right side is associated with masculine energy and is influenced by the left side of the brain, which is logical, masculine and intellectual. The right side of your body is aligned with the physical dimension. Your right knee is responsible to lead you toward your physical path. Healers believe that any issues with the right knee may represent a lack of trust in one’s spiritual path and intuitive abilities.

You can speak with your right knee by placing your left hand (your spiritual hand) over the right knee, close your eyes and ask, “what can it tell me about your Physical Path”, say “thank you” and do your best to honor the guidance you received.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, I believe moving and strengthening your body helps to maintain mobility and decrease injuries. Click on the video below to learn 5 exercises that will help strengthen your knees and decrease injuries

5 exercises to strengthen knees

As a Reiki Master, I also recommend weekly Chakra Balance Reiki Treatments to help keep the chi flowing. To book a Chakra Balance Reiki Treatment email or go to for additional services.

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