Three Crones and the Woo Woo

August is the month of magic and infinity energy, where anything is possible. On Tuesday, August 4th, which is our first Full Moon that is not a “super moon” or “lunar/solar eclipse”. This moon holds its hold Powerful energy.

I always like to bring numerology into every situation, after all, we’re surrounded by numbers. Today’s Full Moon is in Aquarius (11th house) – the house of teams, friendships, groups, video, technology, media, networking, sudden events, surprises and social justice. Our Full Moon falls on 8+4+2+0+2+0= 16/7, today’s energy gives you the opportunity to connect with partners, brainstorm, visualize and build a new foundation surrounded by harmony and balance with unlimited choices.

In numerology the:

“8” holds the vibration of harmony, balance, infinity and money

“4” holds the vibration of building a new foundation, balance, stability, working on

“2” holds the vibration of partnerships, friendships, contracts, coming together, teams, groups

“0” holds the vibration of potential, choices

“1” holds the vibration of leader, new beginnings, independent,

“7” holds the vibration of go within, meditation, evaluate, visualize, introvert

This Full Moon’s energy inspired Gayle Nicholson, Host of Summer Spotlight 2020 to invited Krista Ducharme and Joanne Angel BarryColon to be guest on her show, for the three of us to share a chapter from our collaborating book, Leave Your Baggage At The Door, which is in the very beginning stages of being born. Click on the video to hear what we share about our next chapter, The Full Moon in Aquarius. To pre-order your copy email

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