The Cosmic Focus For August

Everyone keeps wondering when the Pamdemic will be over and things return back to “normal”.

As we move into August, the truth be told, going backwards would be considered regressive for our Spiritual Journey.

Since March 2020, many have experienced a rapid enlightenment into a Spiritual Awakening.

Now, that we’re living in a 5 Dementional Energy, it’s about Upping our Care and helping others to heal, tranaform and move into their Evolution.

August holds the frequency of harmony and balance, now is the time to align to one’s higher Purpose. As many doors have closed since the pandemic, the Cosmo is now showing you the way.

With Meditation and Chakra Alignment, you will have the help of Mother Earth, Higher Self, Soul Star and Divine Gateway to guide you to your Soul Purpose as you move forward in the coming months of 2020 and preparing for massive changes and shifts in 2021.

I invite you to join us every night Monday – Thursday at 11:11pm EST for 11 minute Meditation & One Card Pull via Zoom.

As we meditate at the 11:11 hour, the portal is open and the vail between the physical and spiritual is thin, making it easier to connect to the Soul Star and Divine Gateway helping us to obtain knowledge of all our Soul Contacts we have made in our many incarnation. The Soul Star opens when one is ready to face who and what they really are.

To sign -up for 11:11 pm EST 11 min Meditation & One Card Pull 6 -month membership for $88 submit payment to

For questions and comments email

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