The Power of “8”

Did you know that the word August vibrates at an “8” energy?

Every letter has its own frequency and when you add all the letters up based on their number’s, it will carry a vibtation. Interesting enough, August is the eighth month.

August like no other month is a very powerful month, spiritually speaking, when you turn the “8” on it side, you now have the Infinity sign, where anything is possible.

Every year carries a different Collective Energy and Personsal Energy, for example, I will use my birthdate 3+4+2+0+2+0= 11/2 , 2 is my Personal Energy for 2020. The Collective Energy is 2020 (4).

Now, every month carries it’s own Personal Energy too, I will use my birthdate again, 3+4+2+0+2+0+8=19/1

What does August have instore for YOU?

One: August brings new ideas and opportunities. A time to be a leader, perhaps starting your our business.

Two: August is a time for contacts, commitments, partnerships. Professionally and personally.

Three: August helps you create balance and harmony with communication and brings out the teacher in you

Four: August brings balance into your foundation as you begin to see all sides.

Five: August brings in unlimited possibilities as you change things.

Six: August is the gateway to healing, as the vail is thin between the physical and spiritual.

Seven: August gives you the ability to have more harmony from within.

Eight: August gives you the power to know anything is possible. You have the magic to make anything happen

Nine: August helps you declutter what no longer brings harmony and transforms you into Infinity possibilities.

When you combine your Personal Energy and your Monthly Energy you will begin to understand how magnificent and magical your life really is.

Are you interested in learning how you can transform 2020 to be powerful that 2021 is an abundant year for YOU. Reserve a Cosmic Energy Soul Reading, email for more information.

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