Lion’s Gate 8/8

Photo Credit: Donna C Barry

July has been a challenge for many as July holds the vibration of “7”, the seeker, introvert, logic, overthinking, and sitting quietly to go within. A time for meditation to gain insight, wisdom and clarity.

Many have chosen to result back to old patterns due to the influence of Chiron Retrograde – The energy of “The Wounded Healer”.

As we move into August, we vibrate at an “8” energy, which is about abundance, harmony, balance, money, wealth and Infinity.

With the help of the Lion’s Gate 8/8, this increases the Cosmic Energy flow between the physical and spiritual realm. This helps us to connect with our spirit guides and angels for support, inner wisdom, strength and power, which helps move us into our greatness and attract and receive abundance of wealth, health, love and freedom.

The 8/8 energy is a portal to go within to gain insight, wisdom and clarity to connect with the light within to help see the “bigger picture” and become awaken to our Evolution and Transformation that we are collectively and individually experiencing.

As we move into the “8” vibration, this aligns us to our eighth Chakra, known as the Soul Star Chakra, this connects us to divine love, spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness. This Chakra is believed to have no color, yet we see it as white. The Soul Star Chakra is located about one foot above the head and helps us connect to Karmic Energy.

As we add the collective energy from 2020 (4) into the “8” energy (8+4=12/3), The collectively energy for August is, Creating, teaching and Communicating about building a new foundation that supports abundance and harmony. By applying the energy of the Lion’s Gate, anything is possible.

I invite you to connect with Mother Earth and Higherself to find the balance within to connect physically and spiritually as you move forward.

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