Watch “Ella Pahophin testimony” on YouTube

On Friday, July 24, 2020 Ella Pahopin and I had a conversation about her workouts and reiki experiences.

Ella has been a client of mine for 5 years and counting. Ella lives in Staten Island and workouts 5 days a week, most sessions at 8 am. She traveled an hour to sometimes two hours for her workouts.

Ella’s goals were no different then any other client, she wanted to Release Weight. After about a month into her workout prescription, when Ella would come for her workout’s, she would often be anxious and even angry. I offered her a Reiki Session to see what was below the surface. At this point, I started discovering the Issues in her Tissues.

For Ella, the issues did not show up as physical pain like most clients, her issues shown up as anxiety, constipation and anger.

This is what Ella had to say about her experience with me as we worked in Releasing the Issues From the Tissues with Movement, Nutrition and Meditation.

Should Ella inspire you to hire me as your Certified Personal Trainer, Intuitive Healer and Cosmic Energy Reader please email to receive a Complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session and 25% off on first 6 month Body & Soul Transformation Prescription.

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