Wednesday is Ruled by Mercury

Today is Wednesday, July 22, 2020 (7+2+2+2+0+2+0=15/6) a 6 energy day.

What does this mean? In numerology “6” means the healer, healing and nature. What are you healing today.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, travel, schedule, planning and technology.

What conversations will you have today that may help with healing?

Did you know today (7/22) is the last day of ♋ Cancer energy, all about the foundation- home, family and mother. When you think of cancer, its similar to a turtle’s shell, what have you outgrown regarding your foundation?

As of tomorrow (7/23), the Sun moves into ♌ Leo energy – self-expression, drama, creativity, attention, fun and play. Today 7/22 – 7/24, the Moon is in ♌ Leo energy.

The Moon connects us to our emotions and ♌ Leo is a Fire Sign, lots of action, especially with emotions.

I invite you to think before you act regarding any situation that may be surfacing over the next day or 2.

Always be mindful that every situation is a healing moment. How can you heal from your current situation?

Happy ♌ Leo Energy in Sun and Moon as of 7/23 – 7/24/2020

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