Unity and Diversity

What does Unity and Diversity mean to me?

The more I work on my Spiritual Journey and the higher my vibration is, the more I realize how as the collective, we are all very much alike, in regards to our beliefs, habits and patterns.

We are all looking for the same things (freedom, love, happiness, wealth, health, peace, etc), however, we get caught up in our “egos” which then creates a invisible line of separation.

For me, as I work on becoming a better version. Of myself, I then see everyone as a better version of themselves, which allows me to see each person’s strengths, this helps me to be more compassionate and understanding to each person’s habits, beliefs and patterns, bringing us back to Unity.

For me, diversity gives me permission to show up as “myself”, no mask, no pretending. I do not have a need to act differently around different people. What you see, is what you get. I am who I am.

Diversity, is not only the color of one’s skin or what language one speaks or where you came from. It’s who one is on a “Soul” level.

Diversity, gives me the opportunity to be the Spiritual Being I am and allowing myself to be authentic and shine my light as I am meant to.

We live in a world of Diversity and Unity, we all get to stand out, be seen and shine our light, while coming together to support one another in this moment of “LIFE”, Living In Freedom Everyday.

We’re in this together and helping one another be the shining light in Unity and Diversity.

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