Come Dance With Me, Dance Party

Come Dance With Me , Dance Party was created in May in honor of the May Day Dance celebration, many dancer all over the world committed to dancing everyday for the month of May in a non traditional way. Many actually danced in their kitchens, bedrooms or outside.

When I heard about this celebration, having a dance background, I wanted in on this celebration, so, I decided to go live on Facebook every night and encourage the viewers to dance with me. After a week of dancing live, I had a following and decided to call my event; Come Dance With Me, Dance Party, and dance like no one is watching.

Many of my dances included connecting with Chakras, after all, the May Day Dance celebration was right in the middle of COVID19, which was considered a virus associated with a weak immune system. After researching the best ways to build up the immune system, I learnt that activating our Chakras help to stimulate our nervous system and restore our immune system and movement is one of the best ways to activate our Chakras. After all, when most people dance they are happy and when you’re happy that raises our vibration and energy resulting on a healthy nervous system and immune system.

Feel free to check out my Come Dance With Me, Dance Party videos on my YouTube Channel. Please subscribe!

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