Tonight, I Celebrate You

     Just when I think things can’t get any better, every night I sit quietly talking to my mom, angels and your higher-self, asking for things to shift.

     Little by little each day I begin to see little shifts within you, from the way you smile, to the way you hold me, to the things you say to me and that sparkle that’s in your eyes that sparkle that I have not seen in quite some time.

     I think back to the day I meant you and all we have been through and I look at you, and us today and say “we’ve come a long way”.

     You are the most perfect person that I know; compassionate, kind, loving, sweet, warm, patient, loyal, understanding, gentle, easy going, funny, respectful, passionate and so much more.

     You have taught me to love deeper then what I can see, love unconditionally, to lean on you when I feel as though I am falling, to truly trust that everything finds its way to being truly perfect.

     You have taught me to process first and not react. You surprise me everyday with your surprises.

     I love how you take long walks with me to go look for the moon.

     The day I said “I Do”, I didn’t realize how much we would be doing to heal the wounds, clear our paths and be an anchor for one another.

     I look forward to many celebrations with you. I celebrate my love for you. I celebrate you, tonight and always.

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