For Some, Mask Wearing Invokes Past Traumas

     My client knew something was wrong; she was experiencing high levels of anxiety and nightmares when she started wearing the mask. My client reached out to me inquiring about Chakra Balance Reiki Treatments, she was curious if this would help with the anxiety and nightmares. She wasn’t sure why wearing the mask was triggering them.

     During her session, I asked her to tell me about her nightmares and how frequently they occurred, she replied, “only on the days I had to wear the mask for a long period”.  This is what she saw in her nightmares:

She saw a young girl about 18 years old being attacked, badly beaten up and at some point the attacker pulled a gun out and pointed it at the girl, then put his hands over the girls mouth.

As my client was explaining her nightmare, she then realized that girl was her. She continued to tell me about the attack;

As the guy had his hand over her mouth, she closed her eyes and tears started rolling down her cheeks on to the attacker’s hand. The attacker took his hand off her mouth and walked away to wipe his hand, she then ran away as quickly as she could hoping he would not follow her.

     It was during my client’s treatment that she realized her nightmares was a reflection of her attack from when she was 18 years old.

     After working with my client, I was curious to know how many other people were experiencing PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) from wearing a mask or anything related to COVID-19.

     I started doing research and consulted with two Energy Psychotherapists (a therapist that has a back ground in spiritual healing). Both explained to me that the experience of COVID-19, wearing a mask and the ongoing uncertainties of life may definitely bring up symptoms of anger, fear, anxiety and worry which may be linked to PTSD.

     My question to everyone, Are you experiencing any of the symptoms that may be linked to PTSD and may not be aware of what it’s really related to?

     The two Energy Psychotherapists and I believe this may be the perfect opportunity for healing on a deeper level and clearing energies that be preventing one from moving forward in life.

     Should this article resonate with you, and you wish to explore further, please email Rev. Reiki Master Joanne Angel BarryColon at  to receive a 30 minute complimentary Chakra Balance Reiki Treatment or consult with Omar Zurita, Psychotherapist 917.415.8764

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