Venus in Virgo ♍

Venus in Virgo ♍

Venus has moved into Virgo ♍. What does this mean for YOU?
Venus is the planet of Love, Money and Relationships and Virgo is not known for her romantic traits. Virgo is more about organizing, cleaning and getting things done unlike Leo who is flirty and playful.
When it comes to your relationship, you may have to accept that your partner may show their love by making you a cup of coffee, setting up a bubble bath for you, helping with the grocery or picking out a great tie for you, so you nail your next meeting. You get the idea.
This could be a great time to get all the home improvement stuff done, organize your finances and put things into perspective and declutter people, places and things.

Aries ♈ – Now that Venus is in Virgo ♍, this may be a great time to reinvent your style and go for that new look.

Taurus ♉ – Athough Venus is in Virgo ♍ you still can be playful while helping out in the kitchen, lending a hand with groceries or making your partners favorite meal.

Gemini ♊ – You may find yourself spending more time at home goods preparing to give your house a makeover. For you men out there, learn the phrase “yes honey” and ladies, this is a great time to praise your man. House make overs go well when you’re both in agreement.

Cancer ♋ – This is a great time to learn your partners love language. Does your partner appreciate help in the house or ordering dinner in. You may also be spending more time with your mother.

Leo ♌ – You may be focused on your finances, trying to get everything in order for a big event or an occasion. Budget yourself and everything will go smoothly.

Virgo ♍ – Venus is sitting in your house 🏠, helping you to get super organized and focused on matters of the heart ❤, know that everything is perfectly align, so breathe.

Libra ♎ – Venus in Virgo is helping you tie up loose ends , declutter and bring more balance into your home, relationships and career. Be sure to pick up big heavy garbage bags 🎒. This is also a great time to sit with your partner and set up new goals for your relationship. If you’re single, restructure your boundaries.

Scorpio ♏ – You may find yourself leading a helping hand at a party, helping someone move or participating in an event. This is definitely a time to socialize and organize.

Sagittarius ♐ – You may be thinking about how you show up in the world 🌎, how others see you. What have you achieved up until now? You may also be thinking about your father’s achievements and your partner’s achievements.

Capricorn ♑ – Travel is on your mind, whether it’s a short or long trip, it’s time to get things together and organize what you want to take with you.

Aquarius ♒ – There is alot of Planetary energy going on in your house, starting with Pluto, things ending and transforming and the Full Moon, once again helping you to release what doesn’t serve you anymore. Time to say goodbye to places, friends and things that have expired and make space for new opportunities, people and things.

Pisces ♓ – Venus in Virgo ♍ will help put things into perspective when it comes to your relationships and partnerships. A great time for reflection and improvements. What’s working and what’s not. Who’s staying and who’s going.

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Leo – Express, Love, Create and Drama

Insight for Leo Season

The Sun is moving into Leo ♌ – creativity, expression, drama and fun.
I’d like to highlight DRAMA and the remaining period of July (7th month).
According to Numerology, number 7 means and carries the frequency and vibration to meditate, go within, review, reflect, spiritual awakening and growth.
With the 7 energy and Leo ♌ (drama), many things may be weighing on your mind, causing your heart to feel heavy.
Due to the energy from drama, you may be overreacting over something that is minor and making it so much bigger then need to be.

I invite you, just for today to sit in Meditation and prayer. Ask your deep hearted questions and then sit quietly to receive the answers.

Spiritual Guidance

Number 34, 3+4= 7 Sit quietly and reflect rather then reacting. Communication isn’t always about what you say, learn to listen.

3, Communication, Creating, Listen, Truth, Teach and Learn

4, New Foundation, Balance, Stability, Patience, Work Hard

Answers show up on many ways, from images, numbers, overheard conversations, an advertisement on a bus, colors and so much more.

When you seek guidance are you ready to receive the answers?

Sometimes, what stops us from moving forward can be fears, doubts, insecurities and shame.

When these feelings show up , I invite you to pause and check in on your Chakra System, there may be one or more Chakras that needs clearing and realignment. Work from the Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra until you feel a shift in energy.

Perhaps you may want to focus on a Mantra while moving from one Chakra to the next or even the color associated with the Chakra.

For example:

Root Chakra – Red – I am Focused and connecting to my intuition

Sacral Chakra – Orange – I am creating my desires

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – I am transforming lack into abundance

Heart Chakra – Green/Pink – I am filled with joy

Throat Chakra – Torquoise- I am listening and speaking my truth

Third Eye – Indigo – I am learning to see

Crown Chakra – Purple – I am being guided


To connect with your Intuition you must master the ability to ground, be still and connect.

24, 2+4= 6, Heal and Healing from karmic lessons, as you do, you begin to build a new foundation while connecting to new partnerships (self/others).

2, Partnership, Friendships, Relationships, Contracts (Personal/Professional)


While connecting with spiritual guidance and your intuition within time you experience a transformation.

During your transformation you may begin to feel lighter as fear, shame, limitations, worthlessness, insecurities, anger and so much more are released. You’re now open to call in and receive abundance, harmony, balance, peace, calmness and feel confident, love and gratitude.

18, 1+8= 9 Let go, Declutter, Completion, Transform

1, New Beginnings, Leader, Independent

8, Abundance, Success, Achievement, Karmic Completion

Again, take a moment to breathe and reflect before reacting during the beginning of Leo ♌ Season, as you do, you will reep the rewards. Remember that meditation helps you create your desires, focus on your end results, stay positive and in gratitude and in divine timing your vision will become your reality.

What weighs heavy on your mind overtime will feel lighter on your heart. Create, Express, Fun, Love and Drama, the power of Leo ♌ Season.

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Titiaium Quartz

Today, I am work with a new crystal, “Titiaium Quartz”, it helps to clear blocks and realign chakras.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, distracted, anxious and even confused?

We are experiencing a high wave of Cosmic Energy with the help of 3 planets in Retrograde (Pluto, Saturn and Mercury) and 2 more to follow (Jupiter June 20 – Oct 28, 2021and Neptune June 25 – Dec 2, 2021).

Each of these planets in Retrograde are actually helping us reboot, recharge, renew and recalibrate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy, which may be one of the many reasons to “why” you’re feeling overwhelmed, distracted and anxious.

Each planet is associated with a specific theme and zodiac sign and where the planet is placed on your personal natal chart will help you determine what area of your life each Retrograde may influence.

Pluto is associated with decluttering, endings, old wounds, decay, death and transformation and currently in Capricorn ♑, which is associated with structure, public image, fame, honors, boundaries, rules and relationship with father and fatherhood. Pluto Retrograde April 27 – Oct 6, 2021

Saturn is associated with structure, discipline, responsibility and commitment and currently in Aquarius ♒, which is associated with teams, friendships, groups, video, media, networking, surprise, and sudden events. Saturn Retrograde May 23 – Oct 10, 2021

Mercury is associated with communication, technology, travel, schedule, and planning and currently in Gemini ♊, which is associated with communication, talking, listening, gadgets and devices, travel, siblings and neighborhood. Mercury Retrograde May 29 – June 22, 2021

Everyone will feel these Retrogrades whether you’re conscious of the energy or not, however those who have Sun, Moon, Rising and planet in these areas will mostly likely feel these energies more.

I recommend the following:

• Drink extra water to help stay hydrated and focused

• Move your body daily by incorporate weight lifting and functional cardio and stretches/yoga for 60 to 90 minutes a day

• Meditation- Guided, Visual, Chakra Balance and/or Breath Work

• Get out in nature

• Work with crystals – Titanium Quatz, Rose Quartz, Amythes

• Use Aromatherapy- Balance, Elevation, Peppermint, Motivation (suggested Brand- Doterra)

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Virgo ♍ Full Moon

Happy Pisces ♓ Season. We are in amazing energy as we explore this Virgo ♍/ Pisces ♓ Full Moon. This is a great time to embody our spiritual connection. With the help of Venus and Pisces ♓ Conjunction many of us will move into the energy of forgiveness.

Aries ♈ you’re in the 12 th house energy, it’s time to tie up loose ends and finish things.

Taurus ♉ you’re in the 11th house energy, You may find yourself connecting with friends and planning events.

Gemini ♊ you’re in the 10th house energy. A time for recognition and perhaps spending time with your father or father figure and reflection on how you show up as a father or Masculine role (taking action).

Cancer ♋ you’re in the 9th house energy, you may experience a Spiritual expansion (seeking healing work), travel locally and you may feel lucky.

Leo ♌ you’re in the 8th house energy, things are ending as things are beginning. Massive transformation.

Virgo ♍ you’re in the 7th house, it’s all about relationships, partnerships and contracts.

Libra ♎ you’re in the 6th house, you’re itchy for organization and forced on health and exercise, you may find that you inspire others to live a healthy life as you do.

Scorpio ♏ you’re in the 5th house energy. Focused on how you express yourself. You may experience drama for more attention. Romance and play is a big highlight during this Full Moon

Sagittarius ♐ you’re in the 4th house energy, family and home are very important to you. What can you let go of for a healthier relationship with your mother? How do you show up as a mother?

Capricorn ♑ you’re in the 3rd house energy. All about communication, networking and connecting with siblings. Some local travel during this Full Moon.

Aquarius ♒ you’re in the 2 nd house energy. You’re spending time in nature and also focus on nature. How can you surrender negative energy around money and income. This Full Moon may challenge your self-esteem.

Pisces ♓ you’re in the 1st house energy, it’s all about YOU, self expression, how you show up and new beginnings. What will this Full Moon help you release to help you transition to the best version of you.

Below you will find your Personal Energy Year Number, which will help you understand your theme for the Virgo ♍ Full Moon and Pisces ♓ Season.

To find your Personal Energy Year Number add your month + date + current year (2021) then take to a single digit (except for 11). For example: 3+4+2+0+2+1= 12/3 My Personal Energy Year Number is 3

1 Personal Energy Year : New Beginnings

2 Personal Energy Year Number: Partnerships

3 Personal Energy Year: Communication

4 Personal Energy Year: New Foundation

5 Personal Energy Year: Change

6 Personal Energy Year: Healing

7 Personal Energy Year: Spiritual Awakening

8 Personal Energy Year: Harmony

9 Personal Energy Year: Transformation

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55 – What it means For Love?

Angel Number

When referring to February 23, 2021 (2+2+3+2+0+2+1 = 12/3) this date carries the following energy:

22 = Master Builder (New Foundation)

When you add the 23 you get a 5 and when you add 2021 you also get a 5, which makes double 5’s (55), Angel Number

When you add all the numbers the overall energy for February 23, 2021 adds up to a 12/3, which means communication, creating, expressing, teach, learn, community and network.

The number ‘5’ means Change, Freedom, Courage and Unpredictability.

When you have a double ‘5’, it carries a higher vibration and frequency.

The number 55 is known as a Angel Number and means positive changes are happening in soul partnerships. These changes will bring abundance into your soul purpose while freeing you of darkness and confusion.

How will this day influence your Soul Purpose in Relationships and Partnerships?

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Venus in Pisces ♓

Love, Relationship, Money

Did you know that when Venus is in your First House you are more likely to have a sweet tooth?

On February 18 – March 20th the Sun moves into Pisces ♓ Energy, for those celebrating a birthday, this would mean Venus is in your First House

Venus is the planet of love, relationships and money and rules the 7th house – Libra ♎

For all you Pisces ♓ out there, you may want to consider kicking up your workout regime a notch to avoid putting on extra weight. The best way to do this is to spend more time lifting weights and less time in the cardio room.

Below is a 3 minute SuperBlast Workout

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The Power of RED Panties

We all know that February is the month of LOVE, did you also know that it’s the month of surprises, magic and new beginnings?

In the month of February, this year, we get to enjoy and celebrate Mercury Retrograde, Three Jupiter Conjunctions, New Moon in Aquarius ♒ and Lunar New Years, Year of the Ox.

What’s exciting about most of what we are celebrating falls on the 11th day of February, which makes this energy even more exciting and powerful.

In Numerology the number 11 is one of the Master Numbers and means, the Master Teacher. On each of these special days that we celebrate it is important to recognize ‘how’ you are the Teacher in your relationships and partnerships. What changes you would like to see happen you must implement the change.

Did you know that the Chinese and the Italians believe wearing Red panties bring luck, love, protection and more?

The Italians believe on New Years Eve into New Years Day wearing Red panties aligns LOVE into your energy.

The Year of the Ox

The Chinese believe on Lunar New Year and through out the entire year one should wear Red Panties, especially when Lunar New Year is in your Animal Year. What animal are you? This is the year of the Ox.

For the Chinese, wearing Red Panties protects the wearer from any bad energy being directed at them. It is also believed that the wearer will attract LOVE, LUCK and ABundance.

During this Mercury Retrograde we will experience three Jupiter Conjunctions (Jan 28th, Feb 10th, 11th & 14th). Jupiter is the planet of gifts and surprise. Will one of these Jupiter Conjunctions align you to LOVE?

Another fun fact, on February 1st, Venus moved into Aquarius ♒ and is one of the conjunctions with Jupiter on the 14th. Venus is the planet of LOVE, MONEY and Relationships.

February 11th is also a New Moon in Aquarius ♒, a great day to set new intentions, create new projects and recharge your energy.

I challenge you to write out a list of things you would like to manifest and then choose three of them (one big thing and two small things) and focus on taking action for 28 days(this is the length of the moon period) and see what unfolds.

Enjoy this amazing powerful magical energy. I look forward to hearing what surprises you received and how love shown up for you. Email comments and questions to for additional services go to

Loveburary – February

Did you know that every month carries a vibration, frequency and energy theme?

In this blog, Its all about the energy of February. We all know that February is the second month and when you add the year 2021 it adds up to 7, making February’s energy theme all about going within, seeking guidance and getting to know yourself and others on a deeper level.

February also carries the vibration of ‘Six’. In Numerology all letters are associated with a number and when you add up all the numbers from February you get a ‘6’. Six holds the energy of healing, healer, family and home.View the Pythagorean Chart below.

Pythagorean Numerology

Now that you know February carries a Seven energy theme and has a Six Vibration, what does this all mean and how can you apply this to your life?

As I titled this blog ‘Loveburary’ 💖, For many, February is the month of Love 💘. I would like to help you Release Issues From Your Tissues while Releasing Emotional Weight and fall in love with yourself.

This month is a time to reflect on the relationship you have with yourself so you can show up as the best version of you to all relationships and partnerships.

February has several dates that may help you along with your transition. Lets take a look at the calendar below, I am going to highlight some dates and give you insight on the energy of each day and how to apply it and fall in love with yourself and others.

February 2021

Lets look at the following dates: 2/2, 2/4, 2/11, 2/20, 2/22

February 2, 2021 (2+2+2+0+2+1 = 9) this number has a “22” Master Number and “222” Angel Number, which makes this date favorable of building a new foundation around a partnership.

22 = Master Builder – Building a New Foundation with a partner (professional/personally)

222 = 6 The angel meaning is having faith that the partnership is healing.

February 4, 2021 (2+4+2+0+2+1= 11

“11” is another Master Number and holds the meaning of the Master Teacher. What can you learn about yourself and others on this day to build a stronger relationship?

February 11, 2021 (2+11+2+0+2+1 = 18 (9) This date has a Master Number “11” , What will you change on this day to help transform your relationship with self and others?

February 20, 2021 (2+2+0+2+0+2+1 =9) When we look at this date the number patterns that show up are 22, 20. Again another Master Builder but this time because of the ‘Zeroes’ this day offers potential and choices, perhaps looking at things from a different point of view.

February 22, 2021 (2+22+2+0+2+1 = 11) This date holds two Master Numbers “22” and “11” , Angel Number 222, Numbers Patterns 2222 and a “0”. What this means? This day holds a high vibration of anything is POSSIBLE in building a new foundation around a relationship and healing on a higher level. Miracles can happen on this day.

I highlighted these specific dates but note that everyday and every month has powerful energy to help you transform into the best version of YOU.

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Mercury Retrograde

Did you know that Mercury goes Retrograde 3 to 4 times a year? In 2021, Mercury will Retrograde 3 times this year and each time Mercury Retrograde will be in an Air Sign (Aquarius ♒, Gemini ♊ and Libra ♎).

Now that Mercury is Retrograde and in Aquarius ♒ you may find yourself over thinking or even getting tongue tide. Computers may run slow and you may experience delays while traveling. The good news, you may also find things running really smoothly.

By the way, we just had amazing Full Moon in Leo ♌ This Full Moon will make you want to follow your heart ❤, you may ask yourself, do you feel loved and empowered? This Full Moon will impact Aquarius ♒ and Leo ♌ more then other signs but everyone will feel this energy one way or another.

For those who do not know what it means when a planet goes Retrograde, simply put, the energy of that planet slows down influencing us to reflect. When a planet is in Retrograde its not usually a time to take action (atleast not everyone). What I mean by that is, depending on where the planet sits in on your Natal chart will determine whether its a good time for you to act on something. This will also have alot to do with what astrological sign the planet is in and where that sign is on your chart.

Did you know that Mercury rules Virgo ♍ and Gemini ♊?

What does this mean for you? Again depending on where Virgo ♍ and Gemini ♊ are on your Natal Chart will determine how you may be influenced by this Mercury Retrograde.

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Cosmic Energy 2021
Age of Aquarius ♒

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